Good evening batsies,

it’s a strange week for me… I have to hand in the key of my lovely office/studio space in the monastery.
The year is already over, I had to choose between another full year or stopping and since my health still doesn’t allow me to do many photoshoots and use this gorgeous space as much as I would love, I decided to stop renting. It feels a bit as if I failed since I didn’t use it as much as planned and never did as many shoots as I wanted to do… but there’s nothing I could do about it. I wish I could keep it until I feel better again but it’s just to expensive :( Hopefully one day I will find a new place just as gorgeous. Tonight I have to go there to start packing my stuff, sad moment. I did enjoy every minute I spent there. It’s such a unique place and I definitely had the most amazing room in the entire building with my lovely little balcony.

But at least I did this amazing shoot with the lovely Bunny Glittergun over there last week, it makes a great ending!
She did her own make-up while I was doing her hair, and we could borrow all these amazing clothes and accessories from Attitude Holland.  <3Bunny - 1 Bunny - 2 Bunny - 3 Bunny - 4 Bunny - 5 Bunny - 6 Bunny - 7 Bunny - 8

And of course we could not resist taking some photos with Bunny ears…. you kind of have to with a name like that.

Bunny - 9


I would love to hear what you think of the photos.

All the bats,




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