Hi batsies <3

Sorry for the immense delay on this post. I’ve been working on my own little webshop Jar of Dusk. It’s taking up all my free time, but hopefully it will be worth it! The launch is planned for October 13th., I would love it if you can follow my pages on Instagram or Facebook to help me out a little bit.
I’ll be selling magical, organic tea and herb blends, make-up and skincare. All beautiful, natural and animal- and environmently friendly.

But let’s get back to why you’re probably here; the photoshoot with ReeRee Phillips and Psychara for Attitude Holland. I still find it strange in a way that I actually got the opportunity to shoot with these two gorgeous women. It was such a lovely day! They’re both very kind and extremely easy to shoot with. Luckily enough the weather was nice as well so we were able to take some shots outside as well. I often prefer location shoots over studio so I’ll mostly share the location shots here. You can find the other studio photos on the Attitude Holland site.

ReeRee made a fun vlog about her trip to the Netherlands and it also covers our shoot so it’s probably more fun to watch that then reading my text ;) I’ll insert her vlog underneath the photos, hope you enjoy!



Now I have to get back to working on Jar of Dusk again, have a nice weekend!

All the bats,

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