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Welcome (back), time for a new post! I’ve spent  10/11/12 February in London with Psychara for Attitude Holland, and it was awesome. We spent the Saturday shooting, but that will be a different posts once all the results are finished and approved ;) On Sunday and Monday we went to London Edge. Even though some of my favourite brands aren’t present at London Edge (anymore) I still love going there.

This time there were a lot of new and smaller brands and I think that might just be even better than all the big ones. We’ve decided to start out on the highest floor, where the smallest brands were located, and we immediately bumped into some pretty cool ones. Metallimonsters was absolutely adorable, making cute gothic looks for kids… if only there were around when I was little. One dress was even called “Dusk”! Next up was Tatjana Warnecke, not as small and has been around much longer but soo pretty and amazing to see. Their items aren’t something I’d probably wear quickly but it’s so stunning and well-made and would be epic for a photoshoot. Then we ended up at Victoria Wolf, who makes this beautiful jewellery designs from real bones… and yes she finds them and the animals haven’t died for the jewellery or by hunting. She is vegan herself so I think that is a really big plus to her work! We had quite a long chat over there and it was real interesting. Next to her was this small booth by a tattoo artist who also created her own pins, patches and candles and I loved it,she had bats and it was tattoo style so then it’s hard for me to not like it. Who was a real cool girl as well and obviously since Mara recently started tattooing we’ve spent quite some time over there as well…. and just like that we had almost no time left on the first day, haha.  Time for the afterparty! I didn’t take any photos at the afterparty, if you follow me at instagram you might have seen things on my stories, if not you’d just have to believe that it was awesome ;)

Day 2 we spent most of the time visiting the current suppliers for Attitude Holland and the big brands like New Rock, Alchemy England and Collectif, who always have gorgeous stuff as well. Everytime at London Edge I think I should already start saving up for when those items hit the store… but somehow I always fail. Maybe better luck this time. I mean look at that poison bag by Collectif! And it won’t hit the stores before October so plenty of time to save up. I’ve also finally met Charlotte Clark! I love her products soo much and they’re even prettier in real life and she was soo kind! And the best part: she has some crazy dog lady stuff! Finally, I do understand that most people are probably cat people but I just can’t help being a dog person. Sorry, don’t hate me now, haha.

Next up on the worthy to mention list: Black Rose Cosmetics, Mermaid Salon, Fearless Illustration (loved the spine shirt), White Rabbit Gallery, Sourpuss for their wicked home items and Punky Pins for many coffee related pins. And I’m probably still forgetting something, next time I really should write this blogpost right after the show instead of 1.5 week later. Sorry for the delay! I’ve been on a vegan fair with a stand myself (for Jar of Dusk) this weekend which took a lot of time to prepare so it delayed this post a bit.  I really need to get better at time and energy management. Tips are welcome.

Last but not least walking around with Psychara is very convenient and led to meeting these two pretty girls as well, Lorella de Vil and Louise La Fantasma. Thanks for a great time! I actually planned to take some photos of my own looks as well but totally forgot. Another thing I should get better at: being less camera shy! haha.
Louise,Psychara and Lorella

That’s it for now, if you want to see more photos you can have a look at the Attitude Holland Facebook :)


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