Hi batsies <3

When you have to clean out over 600 spam messages then you know you have been inactive for too long… so sorry!
Last October I started Jar of Dusk , and doing that on top of my work for Attitude Holland has just been taking up all of my time and energy. While it will probably continue to do so I’ll try to get back on track on here as well. I’ll be heading to London Edge again in February so that should help! I will add older shoots that are not here yet as well.
For now please have a look at Jar of Dusk and follow me on Instagram to stay a bit more up to date.


For those of you who missed it before: Jar of Dusk is my brand new webshop focusing on getting a bit more magic into this world! I stock organic tea blends, handmade jewellery and vegan and organic make-up and skincare. All with some roots in magic and mythology.


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