Hi! I’m Sharon, alternative glamour photographer from the Netherlands.

Sharon DuskWelcome to my little online batcave, open 24-7. Please make yourself feel at home, pour yourself some coffee, and don’t forget to say hi, I love to know who’s visiting.
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My name is Sharon, I was born 25 years ago in a small city in the Netherlands. By now I finished my bachelor ‘Art & Technology’ and work as a photographer, graphic designer and branding consultant, also I blog, but since you’re reading this you probably already knew that.
Since I was a little girl I’ve been obsessed with vampires (way before Twilight) and other mystical things like witches and greek mythology. Once I realised becoming a vampire might have been a bit overambitious I wanted to become a fashion designer. So I spent hours drawing vampires and designing their clothes. Next to that I was raised listening to rock bands like Van Halen and Iron Maiden. There actually is film footage of a three-year-old me headbanging to a Van Halen song.

That combination made me the way I am now, spending most of my time working for Attitude Holland and (local) rockbands.

Sharon Dusk 3

I’ve found that there a very little blogs in the alternative scene and I’m here to fill the gap. What to expect? Photography, alternative fashion, make-up, events and what not, just a random mix of alternative lifestyle! I want to inspire and connect alternative people and show that nobody has to be afraid of a little darkness.

Want to know more about me? Don’t bother asking.


Some random facts:

My natural haircolour is blonde, I think, haven’t seen it for years. I just love crazy colours

I only like wearing oversized earrings, if they aren’t heavy enough I’m constantly afraid that I’ve lost them

For years I only walked on high heels, it got to a point that I was unable to walk on flat shoes. Sharon Dusk 2By now I make sure to walk on flat shoes a couple days a week as well. I still prefer running on heels.

I have 5 tattoos but I’m way too afraid of needles to get pierced…

When I was younger I was a ping pong champion, so rock ‘n roll.


Degrees & experience:

Bachelor Art & Technology

Bachelor Personal shopping and Image consultancy

Degree in Make-Up and Hairstyling

Freelance photographer since 2012

Graphic design, branding and photography for Attitude Holland since 2014

Organised Miss & Mr. Alternative 2014 and 2015 and Attitude Fest 2016

Organised “the Smile Raiser” festival in 2012 to raise money for To Write Love on Her Arms