Today I went to “Talks about Photography“. A Dutch event for photographers, 19 people gave 15 minute presentations on very different aspects of photography. Some of them where truely inspiring, others didn’t really manage to hold my attention. But it was nice to be fully surrounded by photographers for an entire day.

There was one photographer (Arnold Reynefeld) who told about not being afraid to show yourself… a lot of people only share positive things on social media, making it seem like their lifes are perfect. But no one is. He told his own story, that he was depressed and self harmed and that one day he decided to share this, afraid that nobody would want to work with him afterwards. But it actually helped, because he was able to open up people like working with him and find it easier to open up themselves. Which leads to more personal and unique portraits. So don’t be afraid to let people know when things aren’t working out as planned, nobody is perfect and mistakes are normal. It only makes your more human.
I think I actually found that the most inspiring speech, I didn’t learn anything about photography, but it really touched me. (Especially since I’m quite a perfectionist and find it really hard to talk about emotional things.)

But what this post is actually about: London Edge!! This weekend it’s finally time for a new edition and I can’t wait.
I’ll be flying to London on Saturday morning, spending the first day in Camden with my Attitude Holland colleague Gaby, and visiting London Edge on Sunday and Monday. This edition will be bigger than the one in February, including some seminars as well, very curious for them. Oh and the very best part? Viewing the upcoming Kill Star collection. The worst part? Having to wait for months before I can buy it…

Here are some photos of the previous edition:

londonedge-tbt-1 londonedge-tbt-2 londonedge-tbt-3 londonedge-tbt-4 londonedge-tbt-5 londonedge-tbt-6 londonedge-tbt-7 londonedge-tbt-8 londonedge-tbt-9 londonedge-tbt-10Soo many pretty things!

All the bats,

P.s. I dyed my hair with Arctic Fox yesterday evening and it really is amazing, didn’t stain at all! But I didn’t have time today to take some photos but I’ll do that tomorrow and post a bigger review.



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