Time for another Throwback Thursday! Everyone around me is going on vacation and I’m still stuck in my small hometown. So it’s a great day to remember last year’s trip to Berlin. I went to Berlin several times, I’m really in love. Last year I went on my own and I must say I really didn’t mind. It’s quite nice to be able to do whatever you want without having to take others into account.

I spend a lot of my time in the most beautiful Sansoucci, if you’ve never been there I really recommend it! It’s like timetravelling.

& of course I visited the Hard Rock Cafe and spend a lot of time shopping. I stayed at the Bikini hotel which was perfect and had this amazing location. In the evening I watched the Berlin skyline from the hotel’s sauna at the 9th floor. Just amazing.

This year I won’t be visiting Berlin, so sad. But I will spend two days in Bruges and M’era Luna and London Edge feel a bit like vacation as well. Can’t wait!

Have you ever been to Berlin? What’s your favourite spot?


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