As promised a post on the Super Star Gods concert at Orkz Groningen last Saturday. It was the first time I saw their show, I’ve been to some rehearsals but previous time I was at a show I helped out at their merch stand so I didn’t see anything. But that’s fun as well, I’ll be doing it again  next time (October 11th at Mukkes Leeuwarden)  so if you’re there come say hi and buy a shirt :)

Here’s a small selection of the photos I took for them, you can find more on their facebook.

It was nice to shoot a concert once again and I really liked the venue and the party itself as well, made me think of M’era Luna! I’ve never really been to a lot of Gothic parties in the Netherlands, mostly because I just never knew they excited, but I will definitely go more often. Do you know any cool ones?

All the bats,

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