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I’m often asked for tips on how to improve photography skills. There are some tips and tricks of course, but the best way to improve is the same as it is for a lot of other things: practice. Just take a damn lot of photos.

Don’t know what to photograph or want to challenge yourself to take photos of things you normally might not? Want to look at normal things in a different way? I’ve set up a summer challenge for you (and of course I’ll be doing it myself as well). There’s no deadline and you don’t have to do them in order or shoot a photo each day, just try to get a photo of all these things before summer is over, or set a deadline for yourself.

Want to make it more challenging? Focus on something specific, for example a colour that each photo should have or that every photo should be a selfportrait or include an animal… whatever you want to focus on!

I would love to see your photos. Leave a comment below or use #dusksummershots on instagram so I can find them!

All the bats,

Summer photography challenge. Improve your photography skills.



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