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Last weekend my friends Heleen and Anouk visited and we had the most of fun!
Saturday we’ve spent around 8 hours on taking photographs and videofootage, in 3 different styles and on Sunday we went to the Attitude Holland headquarters for their open day. Busy weekend and I’m still a bit tired but it was worth it.
I’ll show you some behind the scenes and the first results of our photoshoot day below!

First we shot some photos of Heleen for the bandmerchandise of Super Star Gods. I shot the black shirt and black tanktop and Anouk took the photos of the white shirt. It was very sunny so we just used natural lighting and a reflection screen. It was a bit difficult sometimes because it was a bit cloudy as well so the sun was constantly disappearing and the reflection was extremely bright. Luckily enough shades look Rock ‘n Roll.

Super Star Gods bandshirt

Up next we changed in to the most amazing Punk Rave clothing that I was able to borrow from Attitude. We all wore one set of clothing so we could take group photos and video as well. I took the photos of Heleen and Anouk and Anouk shot some of me. It’s always weird to model. The photo of Heleen is already online on the Attitude Holland website (second banner) and facebook!

Heleen wearing Punk RaveAnouk wearing Punk Rave Myself wearing Punk Rave. Shot by Anouk.
And last, but definitely not least, we lit some candles, gathered some tarot cards, a crystal ball and a fake raven and changed into some maxidresses for a coven inspired shooting. Took some group shots with my remote control and this time Heleen shot some photos of me. Since it was still very light outside and the location had no blinds or curtains it was quite challenging to get a dark mood in the photos. But I think they turned out pretty witchy!
  coven of witches

I hope you enjoyed these very first results and will check back later for more. Below is some behind the scenes footage.

What kind of shoot do you think I should do? Scroll down and leave a comment at the bottom of this page, I would love to hear from you.

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