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Last weekend it was finally time for M’era Luna again! Everybody who knows me a bit or has been following me for a while knows that I look forward to it the whole year, haha. It’s always quite a sad moment when it’s over and you have to get back to adjusting to normal live again, where is all the black? Luckily I had a photoshoot with ReeRee Phillips and Psychara on Wednesday so I could linger in M’era Luna like vibes a bit longer this year. But now it’s over :( At the moment I feel like I’ve been ran over by a truck since my entire body is extremely sore and actually the only thing I want to do is sleep but I really need to get these photos online! (even if it is just to stay in a M’era Luna mood just for now).

On Friday the Psychara express (she drove a van for Attitude Holland to M’era Luna) picked us up at Hengelo station and the adventure started! The traffic was quite okay and we barely had any traffic jams so it was up for a good start. Or at least that what’s we thought. By the time we’ve arrived at M’era Luna it had been raining badly for soo long that they had troubles with the parking area. There were some other things that went wrong with our wristbands and parking stickers as well and so we drove around and tried to solve everything for like 5 hours… The summary of our Friday; wet, cold and stressed out, but he we arrived! As you can probably imagine I just went to bed quite early.

The weather on Saturday was a little bit better, still rainy though and there was sooo much mud that it was just hard to walk at certain parts of the festival. Especially the part in front of the Attitude Holland stand… bad luck I guess. Due to the weather (and therefore way less extreme outfits) I decided to only take photos on Sunday. I did help out at the Attitude stand a couple of times, which is nice to do. And as always I got quite addicted to the food at the medieval market. Of course I had to check out the fashion show as well (wasn’t allowed to take photos this year) and it was insane. For the first time the warning in front of the show was actually needed. It was more of performance art actually than just a fashion show. Search for it on google ;) haha. I also got myself some items at the market from 2 of the catwalk brands. Will take photos of them later.

Sunday was the busiest day, and the weather was finally a bit better. It was really funny to see all the goth people being happy about sunshine, haha. I had to start early that morning since I had to help out at the M’era Luna Academy. They hosted three catwalkworkshops at the Sunday and Attitude Holland provided the clothing so I had to assist and take some photos. It was really nice! The people who joined the workshop were quite mixed. Some were already really good and confident, others a bit less. But you actually saw everybody improving a lot and gaining confidence as well which is always really amazing to see. During the first one it wasn’t really crowded but by the last one they even had quite a crowd and they did rock the show! I think it was a fun new addition to the festival and hopefully they will do it again next year.

In between the catwalkworkshops I did a small photoshoot with Miss & Mr. Alternative, took some photos at the Attitude Holland stand and walked around a bit to take some photos of pretty people. The best part of M’era Luna.
Since I only took photos for one day there are a bit less then previous years but I hope you still like them!

The best part about M’era Luna will always be the people. It never fails to amaze me, not just the looks but more like the mindset. The entire vibe of the festival is just so relax, everything is ok it doesn’t really matter what you look like and everybody is so kind! I’ve met some cool people that I’ve been following on Instagram for a while as well and there wasn’t a single person that wasn’t nice. Hopefully I’ll meet some of them again!

Some of the people featured in above photos who made my M’era Luna even better this year:
Nadizombiechu (Miss Alternative 2017), Lazar Danilovic (Mr. Alternative 2017), Helena Lush,
Psychara, MaiMagi, Nemi Noxwood, Ditte Brouer, Mara Moondust
Check them out! <3

Did you go to M’era Luna as well, did you like it?
Afterwards I noticed so many people on instagram that I somehow didn’t see walking around :( Hopefully we’ll meet next year!

As I mentioned in the beginning of this post I did another photoshoot with ReeRee and Psychara for Attitude Holland yesterday (which was amazing). Here’s a little sneakpeek ;)

Sneakpeek ReeRee and Mara

Sorry if this post is a bit chaotic or if it contains to many mistakes I’m just really tired right now, haha. Now it’s back to lying on the couch… Thank you for checking out my post <3

All the bats,
Sharon Dusk

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