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So let’s start my M’era Luna stories with the most exciting part: the fashion! Personally I love music and concerts but when I’m at M’era Luna it’s even better to just sit in the grass somewhere and watch all the people that are walking by. It’s super inspiring and I love to see how everybody is just wearing whatever they want and everything gets accepted. It’s a totally different world where it’s oke to be yourself instead of conforming to whatever society wants you to look like. Want to walk around in just a thong and some fishnet tights? Fine! Want to wear a full steampunk outfit? Perfect! Men in corsets? Cool! Unicorn or pikachu onesies? Awesome as well. I always feel quite boring over there, haha, but I really love the vibe. And it always takes some time to get used to normal live afterwards. You know that M’era Luna has ended when everybody in the train is staring at you like you’re crazy and talking about your shoes.

What’s even more inspiring then the people walking around is the Gothic Magazine fashion show! Insane creations, my favourite for this year probably is Lily Cut. Not just because of the outfits but their show was more theatre than just a catwalk, it was gorgeous.

Tomorrow I’ll post more photos of the entire festival and I left out the part of the Fashionshow with Miss & Mr. Alternative because I’ll post all photos of them seperately as well.

Anyways enough talking, here are the photos:

Brands in the fashionshow: Slacks, Amatoris, Lily Cut , Kinky Rings and  Bertoldini Giuliana.

Some of the visitors:

Hope you like them! Did you go to M’era Luna as well? What was your favourite part?

All the bats,
Sharon Dusk

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