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As some of you alreay know I spend a lot of my time working as a graphic designer and photographer for the most awesome alternative fashion store: Attitude Holland. 

I started working there as an intern and back then I moved to Amsterdam. When my internship came to an end and I had some schoolwork left to finish I had to move back to Enschede. Which meanes that it takes about 3 hours to get from my home to the Attitude Holland office.Since I can do most of my tasks at home(or at my new personal office space) I only visit them a couple times a month. Which is a bit sad because it’s a lot of fun working with them and it’s way easier to stay motivated when you’re working at an office with other people than when you’re on your own the entire day.
But it’s probably better this way(for my bank account at least), since every time I go there I see something that is extremely gorgeous and I just can’t resist buying it.

Thursday was one of those days. The new Killstar items just arrived including this insanely beautiful fringe crop denim jacket. It’s not the cheapest item but I prefer spending a bit more money on something that’s unique and of good quality than buying a cheaper massproduced version that fits less good, looks less beautiful and ends up somewhere in the back of my closet because I didn’t like it that much anyway.

And this jacket fits perfectly, I’m in love…

Since I’m still in a bit of a festival mood I combined it with my cut off levi’s shorts and some layered necklaces. To add a more feminine touch I finished the look with some high heels and my favourite witchy hat.
It’s quite basic but this jacket just deserves all the attention.
Shorts: Secondhand Levi’s bought at Episode
Shoes: don’t know the brand but bought them at some shop in Camden.
Ritual by Disturbia
Stone from a local shop
Magnifying glass from Asos
I will feature my rings in an upcoming post.

Festival Fae witchy outfit

Festival Fae balcony shot.Festival fae outfit

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