Hi batsies,

I’m well aware that it has been over a week since AttitudeFest and that this blog is quite late… I was planning to wait on the aftervideo, since we still haven’t received the final version I just decided to write now and add the video later. And well it took some time for me to get back on track as well, AttitudeFest is always taking up soo much of my time and energy. Maybe even more afterwards than before, when you finally get some rest and your body decides to abuse that, haha.

Anyways: AttitudeFest! This year I was responsible for the Miss & Mr. Alternative contest and therefore I had to spend most of my time backstage… helping out the models and being the bad cop for keeping them backstage and controling the planning (sorry again). But the times I did go to the festival grounds I noticed that it was super crowded and a lot of people seemed to like it :) My bosses were extremely satisfied as well so it should have been good I guess, haha. Of course there are always some things that don’t go as planned and things to learn from but we’ll take it for next year and keep improving. It was quite strange to spent so much time backstage and being unable to constantly check out how everything is going, the ultimate test for my inner control freak… but it’s also fun to spent the day with the contestants and Alina, the catwalkcoach, and being able to help them out and make sure they have a nice day. It’s always so nice to see how kind everybody is and how they help each other out even though they are actually competitors. Faith in humankind is restored ;)

My brothers band performed this year and now the bands got some more attention than last year as well so I’m glad. And the new addition of a barber and the lovely ladies from Hexbomb who got over and hosted a stand where some cool new things as well :) Let’s keep growing each year! If you went and have any cool (realistic) ideas let me know!

For now there is only one last thing to say: Congratulations to Nadiah and Lazar for winning Miss & Mr. Alternative 2017! I’m looking forward to working with you, again :)

I didn’t get to take many photos again but if you want to see more check out our facebook album.
I will add the video below once it’s online!

To all of you who came to AttitudeFest: thanks a lot! I hope you enjoyed it :) Sorry if I did not see you! Next time I hope to be at the festival itself more again and I’ll say hi!

Update, the video is online!


All the bats,

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