Since my blog is super silent due to my make-up and hairstyling study I thought it would be a nice idea to share a Wishlist Wednesday on hair and make-up products. It’s isn’t actually my wishlist because I own most of the products already, but I just really love them and wanted to share it with you! They aren’t the cheapest, but also far from the most expensive products, and you really notice a difference compared to the cheapest brands.

1. Make-up Studio brow powder – € 14,90 – click here.
This brow powder is part of my make-up kit for school and I’m absolutely in love with it. We also use pencils but I prefer powder since it’s way more subtle and the colours are better. Perfect item for creating stunning eyebrows (and that really makes a difference!).


2. Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray – € 12,99 – click here.
I bought this product a while back, never heard of it but Toni & Guy had this “buy 1 get 1 free” promotion and I wanted their dry shampoo and this product drew my attention. And I’m really glad it did. It’s perfect to get rid of frizzy hair and it changes the texture of your hair which makes it way more easier to style.

3.  BaByliss Multi Styler – € 37,95 – click here.
I have to admit that I don’t even know all the possibilities of this tool yet since we only used the curling iron for school so far but I really like how easy it is. It gets hot and I did burn my fingers twice so far but that’s only because I’m very clumsy. It doesn’t get too hot to normally handle it. And it’s quite cheap for all the options you get. (several different curling items and a straightening iron).

babyliss styling tool
4. L’oreal Tecni.Art Texture dust – € 8.53 – click here.
This product should be among the basic kit of every woman! Who doesn’t want more volume easily? No more words needed.
5. Concrete Minerals eyeshadow – € 8,99 – click here.
Super pigmented eyeshadow, and it’s even vegan! You can use it either dry or wet, but make sure to tap some of the product off your brush before applying it on your face (tap it on the lid or the top of your hand). It’s very intense and it’s a loose powder so if you use too much it will spread over your entire face (trust me I know…) .



Do you have any experience with one of these products? I would love to hear from you. If you haven’t let me know what your favourite beauty products are!

Oh and take a look at my first result for school, pretty proud of myself, haha. When I get the results of the photoshoot I’ll share them with you as well :)

sylvanaAll the bats,


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