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Wishlist Wednesday #8

September 23, 2015 0 comments


I know it’s been a bit silent the past week, sorry for that, really needed to take some rest. But today I’m trying to start working again and this weekend will be very very busy as well so new stuff is coming, no worries!

For now it’s time to start with another Wishlist Wednesday, last week I was shooting Mandrake’s Monster and the shoot took a bit longer than expected so I didn’t have any time left to write a post, hope you didn’t miss it too much.

Last year I organised a big Halloween party (over here there Halloween isn’t celebrated that much, which I find really sad) , I didn’t want to do it again this year because it was too expensive and I don’t really have that much spare time. But people kept asking for it so I decided that I might as well throw a party, just asking some more people to help out and letting people bring their own booze might save me a lot of money! So I’m already starting to prepare stuff and thinking about my costume, I really love Halloween and last year the costumes were very good so I need a better one! Which led to this Halloween themed wishlist, perhaps it’s a bit early but some things might take time to make(DIY versions are always a good idea) or get delivered.

Do you have any plans for Halloween? Any good costume ideas?

#1. Red horned headpiece – € 45,00 – click here.

red horned headpiece

#2. Classic deluxe fangs – € 26,99 – click here.

classic deluxe fangs
#3. BlackMilk dragon leggings – $ 85.00 AUD. – click here.

blackmilk dragon leggings
#4. Game of Thrones temporary tattoo – £ 13.00 – click here.


#5. Orange red wig – € 33.00 – click here.

orange red wig

Hope you like these and that it might inspire you for the upcoming Halloween!

All the bats,

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