Hi again,

Time for another wishlist Wednesday! Yesterday I went to the Attitude Holland office and we were so busy preparing for M’era Luna that I didn’t even get the time to buy the accessories I wanted. But I guess I’ll just buy them at M’era Luna and feature one in this wishlist, haha.

On monday I went to Elysium, centre for wellness, with Busra. Which was extremely relaxing, but sadly enough it was very crowded with a lot of people that were complaining all the time. “Why isn’t their any airconditioning, it’s soo hot!” , girl you’re at a saunacomplex…
But they had some delicious body scrubs that made me long for more home wellness products.
So this week’s wishlist:

#1 – Restyle deer headband – € 21,99 – click here.


#2 – TruSelf organics face mask – $ 22,50 – click here.

#3 – Faiint slash dress – £ 65,00 – click here.
Best part about this dress? It’s handmade and she told me that you can choose on which side you want the sleeve. (tattooed people will understand, haha)

Faiint slash dress
#4 – Vampire bat bangle – $ 17,69 – click here.

silver bat bangle
#5 – Lush From Dusk Till Dawn massagebar – € 9,95 – click here.

From Dusk Till Dawn massagebar by Lush

Hope you like it again!
Any tips on cosmetics/soaps/scrubs? Would love to hear from you.

All the bats,


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