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Wishlist Wednesday #10

March 8, 2017 0 comments

Good evening!

As promised in my previous post; a restart on my Wishlist Wednesday series! Why? Well since it’s my birthday month I have to make wishlist anyway and since I work for a big webshop and spend soo many time looking at others I almost feel obliged to share my top finds with you! These things are just too pretty not to share. And well maybe I will never get them and they will stay on my wishlist forever while some of you might have gotten them… then I will still be pleased that I’ve lead you to one of your new favourite items ;)

Of course it’s been awhile since my last one and when time passed you also get different views on things so let’s see this as a wishlist wednesday 2.0 , same idea, just evolved. Anyways, less talking, more sharing awesome things so here we go!

1. The Rogue + The Wolf Blood Sucker dress – € 39,34

Rogue and Wolf bloodsucker dressDo I need to explain this? It has a bat AND a moon on it! Haha as far as that normally works for me I also really love the model of this dress and the cute pointy detailled sleeves. And the price isn’t that bad either!

2. Love Coffee enamel pin – € 7,61

love coffee pinI’m not addicted… we’re just in a really commited relationship! Gypsy Warrior has loads of cool pins to personalize your outfit, prices are good as well, the only downside is that shipping to Europe is quite pricey (since they’re based in the US) but I’ve never had problems with customs whenever I ordered from there and it’s always pretty quick!

3. Widow Batcave high-waisted jeans – € 103,82

widow batcave jeansYou can never have too many black high waisted skinny jeans! To me that’s definitely a wardrobe essential. So what’s better than finding one with just a super gorgeous sexy back detail! I always love the stuff House of Widow makes, the prices are on the high side but the fabrics and quality as well as the unique designs are totally worth it.

4. Half moon planter – € 25,-

moonplanterSince I’m still trying to make this new place more of a home I also spent a lot of time looking for pretty homeware, like this half moon planter! Could use it as a bowl for anything else as well, but I like the plant option!

5. Killstar Betty Rage dress – € 42,99

Killstar Betty Rage dressLove pencil dresses, love pentagrams, love Killstar, nothing more to say…

6. Asos Mesh Maxi skirt – € 37,33

asos skirtWhen I spotted this skirt on Asos a couple days ago it instantly reminded my of a skirt I once ordered from Punkrave but which was way too short… I love how it has knickers instead of a mini skirt underneath the mesh layer, so much easier! No constant checking if the mini skirt isn’t crawling up.
I used to have something like this, with a mini skirt, but the mesh got caught up in the wheel of my bike and it was destroyed :( So I definitely need a new one. Perfect for summer as well, protecting your legs from the sun a bit (or the world from your milky legs).

7.Disturbia leather jacket – € 403,27

Disturbia leather jacketThis is one of those items that will probably never come of my wishlist simply because I can’t afford it (or something miraculous should happen). But I loved it too much not to share. It’s such an unique eye catching piece! And leather jackets are another wardrobe essential if you ask me.

That’s it for now! Let me know what you think, if I should do these more often again and which items is your favourite. And if you’re lucky enough to be a proud owner of any of them I would love to see photos! (scroll down a bit for the commentsection)

All the bats,

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