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My very first vlog…

June 17, 2017 0 comments

… and it sure is awkward! Haha.

Hi batsies!

Time for something new, I hate being on camera. Whether it’s photos or videos doesn’t matter I freak out and either freeze or do stupid things. Which I think is unfair as a photographer, I ask people to be in front of my camera all the time yet I won’t ever go in front of anyone elses… So I decided to practice, I think it’s only fair to become a little more confident on camera myself. Might be easier to help people out who experience the same thing when stepping in front of mine! So I decided to start a vlog, because talking in to a camera in random public places is definitely the most scary and awkward thing of them all… And on top of it all it’s in English which makes it a little bit harder as well.

Last Saturday I had another shoot planned with Helena Lush and since she’s also a great friend of mine I figured that might be the best time to start. It’s always a bit easier when your among friends right?
We shot multiple sets for Attitude Holland but the Elements were definitely my favourite! We also forgot to film one, oops…
I had to wear one set as well since it arrived in my sizes, so instead of just vlogging I had to be a photo model as well… plenty of practice that day! I do actually find it quite challenging to upload it now since it is so confronting, I can’t watch it without being like “ah that looks so weird, omg my voice, damn that looks ugly” etc. But that’s part of the process. If I won’t show it I will never learn. So here’s a first vlog! I hope you guys like it a bit.

And of course some of the results:
Elements Rainwear 1 Elements Rainwear 2 Betty Boop Urban Classics 1 Urban Classics 2 Urban Classics 3
Apart from Helena Lush’s shorts you can find all the clothing on Attitude Holland. The coats aren’t online yet but will be added to the shop soon, I can’t wait! Love the Elements collection. They even started making leggings and other models of the jackets so I’m excited!

I hope you liked it, and if you have any tips on how to feel more confident on camera I would love to hear them!

All the bats,

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