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Wishlist Wednesday #11

April 26, 2017 0 comments

Good evening,

I never thought I would say this but it was actually hard to make another wishlist post… I didn’t really have a lot of items lately that I really really wanted. But I have to admit I didn’t spent a lot of time “online shopping” either. I did buy and want some things, obviously, but I spent a lot of time fixing things around the house and pimping the balcony so most of the stuff I bought was home related instead of fashion. But when I spent some time looking around online to write this it wasn’t hard at all to find some stuff for my wishlist… maybe writing these articles isn’t the best thing to do! haha.

  1. Restyle dreamcatcher bag – € 54,99

    dreamcatcher bagI take my big Disturbia bag everywhere but sometimes it’s nice to have a smaller bag as well and when I saw that Attitude Holland added this bag today I just loved it. It’s still witchy and dark but not too satanic or heavy as some items are so it’s safe for a family visit for example… or how about a festival!

  2. Black Milk Mucha inside out dress – € 82,00
    black milk muchaThis is one of those items that has been on my wishlist since forever… those who know me a little know that I love art history and am a big fan of Alphonse Mucha’s work. (Even got a tattoo inspired by it) So that BlackMilk has a dress with that lovely art is just an instant WANT! And its reversible so even better because you get two dresses, sort of. It is extremely colourful though and shipping/taxes are soo tricky when ordering from BlackMilk, but one day it will be mine!
  3. Demonia platforms – € 84,99

    Do I even need to write something on these? <3 I will always have a soft spot for platforms and these are the perfect mix between feminine and spicey, hahaha.

  4. VG london harness – € 19,99

  5. VG London Dress– € 99,99

    VG (Victorian Goth) London is a new brand we spotted at London Edge and we only recently added their stuff to our site. I barely ever wear corsets so I wasn’t really struck by their first batch of products, gorgeous, but not meant for me, but now we’ve added some extra stuff and I could see myself wearing that! I love harnesses and already own a stunning one by killstar but this one is soo pretty as well, and not that expensive so I consider it a musthave. On the dress… well it’s just sooo gorgeous! Still have to come up with an occasion to wear it but I fell in love when I saw it.

This is it for now, not a big one, I guess working for stores soo much the last days kind of killed my shopping vibe, haha. For those of you who don’t know yet; I started working on some new social media for a shopping street in my home town. They wanted to promote their street as a whole and I like a lot of the shops that are based there (ok 99% of the time is spent at Bagels & Beans but still) so it’s a fun new project. It only had to launch earlier than expected so I’ve been massively busy on getting that up and visiting all the stores and taking photos etc.
If you ever come in Enschede or just want to help me out a bit check out the pages:
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All the bats,

P.s. we’re having a spring discount at Attitude Holland now, the more you spent the higher the discount. Got to love it.



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