Happy Halloween my lovely batsies! <3
To celebrate I will finally share the full set of this epic Halloween shoot with you.
I’ve been planning to do more but I started an extra job since I actually missed working in an ‘offline’ store (runs in the family I guess) so that took quite a lot of time, but more wicked shoots will follow…

And I just realised that I totally forgot to share the photos of my trip to Milan on here, so that’s coming this week!

For now enjoy this set, shot at the former prison in Leeuwarden ‘Blokhuispoort’,
model:  Jasmine Suzanna
muah: Ilse Covers Grime en FX

Did you have a nice Halloween weekend? I didn’t do anything besides working and being sick, no parties this year, but tonight I’ll be watching the Hans Klok House of Horror show! Wonder what that will be like, hopefully it makes up for the weekend!

All the bats,

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