Hey again!

During the shoot with Heleen and Anouk (read about it here) we also shot some video footage for Attitude Holland. So today I edited to a small 30 second-video. It’s for the website so people can see how the dresses really look on a person. It’s always a bit nicer to view something on a moving, not photoshopped model right?

I never make videos so it isn’t that good but it was fun to do and it’s a nice reference I think :)
Make sure you watch it with sound, the music gives it the right mood (and I just love the song).

The song is by Motionless in White, it’s called Final Dictvm.

Oh and I also finished a couple more photos of the shoot, and this morning Heleen and I submitted a couple of the photos to Dark Beauty Magazine. Fingers crossed! Hopefully they will post one, or more.

Sharon witch

Heleen punkrave colour

Heleen witch colour

Hope you like them.

All the bats,

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