I’m so super excited for M’era Luna this August that I decided to show you some of photos of last year.
Mera Luna catwalk backstage 1

Mera Luna catwalk backstage 2Really can’t wait, last year was so impressive. The entire mood of the festival is just amazing and the people are so inspiring. Best part? Can’t even tell… perhaps the fashion show featuring our Miss & Mr. Alternative winners, maybe the Medieval market, or the fun at the Attitude Holland stand. Maybe the sneakpeeks backstage or the band performances, or just watching all the people that are walking by. And I’m pretty sure this year is going to be even better…

Mera Luna catwalk ReAgenz

Mera Luna catwalk Bibian BlueI’ll be heading there with Attitude Holland and our Miss & Mr. Alternative winners. We’re also selling some tickets and even a bus ride if you want to go as well. I would love to see you there (and take your photo)!

Mera Luna visitors 2

Mera Luna visitors 1
Want to know a bit more? Watch the trailer for M’era Luna 2015 below:

All the bats,

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