Hello batsies,

I hope you’re all having a lovely Sunday. Mine was filled with a whole lot of photos (and coffee, always coffee), editing the photos I took yesterday, planning new photoshoots and choosing the winner for my photoshoot giveaway on facebook. Busy, busy, but so much fun.

Yesterdays concert was quite impulsive. I had nothing planned for the evening and when I was at Bagels & Beans in the morning the bassplayer of Therion was having some coffee over there as well… so after I double checked it was him I went up to him and asked if they needed a photographer for the evening. And luckily enough he was very kind and wrote my name on the guestlist! So I had an awesome concert yesterday.

The first band came all the way from Russia; Imperial Age. I just love the dress the singer is wearing <3
The light during the first two bands was very very dark, so the photos are a bit darker as well, but hopefully you still like them!

Second band this evening: Ego-Fall . If you’ve never heard of them before you should really check it out. It’s metalcore with Mongolian folk influences. At first I was like “what the hell is going on here?” but I really enjoyed the show! It was so energetic and fun (if you like metalcore that is).

The last support act was Luciferian Light Orchestra, time to breath after Ego-Fall, such a contrast, but very nice as well. There description: occult rock with seventies influences.

And last but definitely not least: Therion! I have to be completely honest that at first I thought it was a bit chaotic and strange that they were all dressed in different goth styles, but once I got used to that I actually really enjoyed it and thought it was quite unique and even a strength to have all these different styles and characters. What I loved most was the huge amount of interaction with the crowd and between the bandmembers, great show!

Hope you enjoyed the photos, any concerts you think I have to check out this year? Let me know!

All the bats,

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