Hey again!

Last Sunday morning I did this amazing magical dark shoot with Busra Karayavuz and I think you guys might like the results as well. It was quite impulsive because I just wanted to do a quick shoot to have a new photo to expand my make-up & hair styling portfolio, but it turned out so much better than I expected. We just make a great team! haha.

What most people don’t know is that when I bought my first camera I did so because I used to make a lot of fantasy photomanipulations and I got tired of always working with other people’s photos… But then I brought my camera with me to a concert and then got into concertphotography and I never really started photomanipulations with my own pictures. Quite strange isn’t it? Guess you never know what will happen.

But now I also have my make-up and hair styling degree and no more school at all it just gives some extra freedom again to do what I want so I decided to give these photos an extra fantasy edge as well! It’s not as big a manipulation as I used to make but I love how it’s still a bit normal and fashionable but just has these fantasy elements. Instead of being fully manipulated. And I think as long as it’s surreal and people really realize it’s photoshopped that there’s no harm in it either.

Since I want to get back into this blogging thing a bit more I wanted to give some more information on the photos this time as well, for those of you who are interested.

For make-up lovers:
Skin: Make-up studio cream foundation, Make-up studio shimmer effect, Make-up Studio Shading & highlight box.
Eyes: Make-up studio Lumiere eyeshadow pearl, Make-up studio eye definer & Make-up studio black mascara.Lips: Manic Panic Deadly Nightshade.

I still work with a lot of Make-up Studio since we had to for school. If you have any other brands you recommend please let me know!

For photo geeks:
All photos were taken on my Canon Eos 5d mark || with the Canon Ef 24-105 f/4L IS USM lens.

The only lights used were the daylight coming trough a big window and one Rotolight creative colour kit.
And that’s it! Nothing fancy or complicated. I’m so in love with the rotolight (I’m not sponsored trust me, sadly enough, but it’s the truth), I expected it to be a bit to weak for most portraits but the amount of light is huge actually. Only when you’re in full daylight the effect is minimal but for indoor portraits it’s just perfect. And I love all the colour filters,  I think I’ll get myself another one to experiment with more colours.
If you want the exact lighting set up let me know. Any other questions are always welcome as well!

I hope you love the photos as much as I do.

All the bats,

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