alchemy england


Hi batsies, Welcome (back), time for a new post! I’ve spent  10/11/12 February in London with Psychara for Attitude Holland, and it was awesome. We spent the Saturday shooting, but that will be a different posts once all the results are finished and approved ;) On Sunday and Monday we went to London Edge. Even though some of my favourite brands aren’t present at London Edge (anymore) I still love going there. This time there were a lot of new and smaller brands and I think that might just be even better than all the big ones. We’ve decided to start out on the highest floor, where the smallest brands were located, and we immediately bumped into some pretty cool ones. Metallimonsters was absolutely adorable, making cute gothic looks for kids… if only there were around when I was little. One dress was even called “Dusk”! Next up was Tatjana…