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last weekend Heleen, Anouk and I also shot some photos of the Super Star Gods merchandise. Heleen modelled and I shot the photos of the black tanktop and shirt. Anouk is their guitarist so we thought it be fun if she took some of the photos as well, so she shot the images of the white t-shirt.


The sun was constantly hiding behind the clouds and then reappearing again in full power, so the light was different with every single photo. The horror. But they’re still some cool results! I love how many different looks Heleen has. And I think in the second photo she looks a lot like Liv Tyler! Do you agree?.

Check out the awesome Super Star Gods and buy one of their shirts, or more, I ‘ll probably be at their merch stand again so come say hi. The shirts are selling super fast and their are only a couple s and m left so you might want to hurry.


I always have such a hard time choosing between colour and black and white. I’m a big lover of black and white but colour is a bit more glamorous. Which ones do you prefer?

superstargods-merch-bw-web-1 superstargods-merch-bw-web-2 superstargods-merch-bw-web-3 superstargods-merch-bw-web-4

All the bats,

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