Good evening,

did you all have a nice easter weekend? I had, well sort of, I had a bike accident and got my foot caught in the wheel, (yes what normally happens to small children only, I’m just that lucky) but aside from that it was a lovely weekend! Sunday evening my friends band Super Star Gods played the support show for Spiritual Beggars at Neushoorn Poppodium. It was a very small stage but the shows and the entire vibe of the evening were extremely good! The best way to spent your easter evening is at a rock show, right?

Unfortunately I had the bike accident the day of the show so my foot and leg were killing me that evening (my New Rock heels did save the evening a bit though, since it did hurt way less when standing on 7 inch heels) so I only took some photos of Super Star Gods. I hope you like them! By now I have a little bit of regret that I didn’t take photos of Spiritual Beggars, but I guess I should learn how to enjoy concerts without photographing them as well.

If you want to attend one of their live shows as well you can do so here:
– April 1st (no joke) at Nachtschade, I’ll be there with a photobooth as well!
– April 22nd at Mukkes
May 21st at Attitude Fest!


Apart from watching Super Star Gods you should come to Attitude Fest at Atak no matter what (I organise it so you just have to!) It’s only € 5,- and you will get bands( Headliner = the Other), acts, the Miss & Mr. Alternative contest, a catwalkshow, free workshops, free hairdye, a big fashion market and more…

See you there!

All the bats,

Attitude Fest at Atak 21/05/2016

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