Hey again,

A while back I did a quick photoshoot with Super Star Gods at one of their rehearsals. And today is a perfect day to share one of the results.

Ace laserface

Meet Ace:
This creepy guy is their drummer. And he happens to be the reason I did this quick photoshoot.

I’m a bit awkward when it comes to relationships and I really hate all the relationship spam on facebook. That’s why my status is still on single. But I met Ace in January and today exactly three months ago we had a conversation that went something like this:
” People keep asking me if you’re my girlfriend and I don’t know how to answer anymore.”
“Same here. It’s getting a bit annoying.”
“Maybe we should just say that we are”
“Yeah good idea” .
That kind of portrays my awkwardness when it comes to relationships…
But somehow he managed to deal with me for over half a year now and he kind of deserves an award for that. But I don’t have one so here’s a creepy picture. <3

Make sure to check out his band Super Star Gods and leave them a like.

All the bats,

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