Hey my lovely batsies!

As you might have noticed it’s been a bit silent over here the past two weeks. I’ve been ill for about two weeks and then I got really busy. Last Friday I had a full day of new collection photoshoots for Attitude Holland. On Saturday I had to go to Groningen to shoot the Super Star Gods concert (post will be online tomorrow) and on Sunday there was a special Sunday market including a dog show and marching band competition which I had to photograph…
And then on Monday I had my very first day at make-up and hairschool!
Yes I started a new education. I figured it would be a nice add to my portfolio, and it would be nice to offer complete fotoshoots including make-up and hairstyling. Tonight I have my second lesson, so far I find it very interesting! But I got two massive cases and I don’t have a drivers license yet so that is something I didn’t really think through yet…

Anyways this morning I had physiotherapy and another photography assignment, and now I have to work on some photos and other assignments for Attitude Holland before heading to school again. So I don’t have time for a Wishlist Wednesday, sorry! But I promise that by the time I have my planning sorted out again and my work is back on schedule I’ll post more, and hopefully even more interesting since I might post make-up and hairtips as well!

A couple of sneakpeeks of the past photoshoots:

Attitude Holland new collections

Sneak peek vintage shoot Attitude Holland 1 Sneak peek vintage shoot Attitude Holland 2

Super Star GodsSuperStarGods preview

Sunday Market

dog show

More coming soon! But now I have to hurry up for school, haha.

All the bats,



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