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I hope you’re having a nice Friday so far, any cool plans for the weekend?
My weekend will be filled with editing the upcoming lookbook photos since I kind of had “weekend” the past two days. I did work on Wednesday but in the evening I went to see the Shinedown concert! And I was definitely blown away, had such a great evening. Shinedown has been on my “concert bucketlist” for years and this show was even better since my friends in Mandrake’s Monster got to play their support show. So they could arrange a photo pass for me as well, yay! At first something went wrong and I wasn’t allowed to take photos but luckily enough the security people were very nice and they understood somebody just made a mistake. The security guy was actually so sweet  for me that the security from Shinedown itself got pissed off at him… oops. That guy was a little less sweet. Anyway I did get to take some photos so here they are:

Mandrake’s Monster



I do notice that since I do more fashion photography and way less concert photography than I used to my concert photography isn’t as good as it used to be anymore. Which is quite frustrating. I would love to “practice” more again but my head can’t really deal with the strobes since my whiplash, so that’s kind of a deal breaker with most rock and metal concerts. Does anyone have any tips on how to be less sensitive to strobes? Please tell me…

Normally I try to finish my concert photos the next day but yesterday I spent the day in Amsterdam with the lovely Bunny Glittergun. We went shopping and the idea was to visit the opening of the Helmut Newton exhibition (if you’re reading this and you don’t know who Helmut Newton is, be ashamed and go google! haha) but the queue at the entrance was waaaay too long. So we decided to skip that and just go visit the expo some other day. It’s in Foam until the 4th of September so we still have some time left. I did find an awesome shirt yesterday though, for only € 5,99, it’s black (of course) and says “no talking before coffee”… musthave. I’ll probably post it on my instagram later. ;)

Oh one last thing, did you see the new Shinedown video yet? It’s super funny, the little drummer guy is so cute and there’s this short part were they go do a photoshoot and it’s so relatable since I’m quite weird when photographing as well… I probably did most of the poses he does at least one time before, hehe. You can watch it on their facebook.

I hope you like the photos, tell me, who is on your concert bucketlist?

All the bats,


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