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as promised a review about the Arctic Fox hairdye!
I dyed my hair two days ago and so far I’m extremely satisfied.
(No I’m not getting paid to write this, it’s the truth.)

I went from a dark red to purple and here’s how:

– For a while I’ve been using semi-permanent hairdye instead of permanent because I knew I wanted to bleach it someday.

– Tuesday evening I lightened my hair with a mild bleach for 45 minutes. I didn’t want to destroy my entire hair and I prefered a darker colour instead of very bright so my hair didn’t have to turn fully blonde. The result: Orange. Afterwards I used a hairmask to recover my hair a bit.

– Wednesday I walked around like a ginger, people actually liked the colour and I lost count of how many times I had to say that it was just the result of bleaching my hair and I didn’t dye it yet.

– Wednesday evening the moment had finally arrived: dying my hair with Arctic Fox! 236ml for € 18,99, not expensive, I used about half of the bottle (but it’s a guess since you can’t see how much is left). I left it in for 45 minutes, covered it with a plastic cap en heated it with a blow dryer for the first 7 minutes. First thing I noticed? It didn’t stain my skin at all! After 45 minutes I took a luke warm shower and the water turned clear pretty fast, again no stains! Normally I have to scrub the entire bathroom after I dyed my hair…

– Thursday morning I woke up, no stains on my skin and only very very light stains on my white pillow, I went to sleep with wet hair! But during the day it did stain my nails a bit every time I touched my hair.

– Friday (today) first time washing! When shampooing my hair the water got really purple but it  turned clear very quickly again. Doesn’t seem faded a bit yet.

And the most important part, the result:
( I wanted to take a selfie and then accidentally pressed the slow-motion button, haha. And I have new glasses!)

after dyeingAfter bleaching, before dyeing:hair before dying

As you can see some spots are still a bit red.. but I don’t really mind since I like it when it isn’t a completely flat colour. But it might turn ugly fast so I wonder how  quickly everything will fade.

So the pros:
+ Doesn’t stain
+ It smells so good! I was a bit scared for wasps the next day though.
+ Vibrant colour
+ The price! It might seem more expensive but it’s a big bottle.
+ It’s vegan and they donate 15% of their profit to animal charity.
+ It doesn’t hurt your hair.

The cons:
– Some spots didn’t really turn purple.
– You can’t see how much is left in the bottle.
– Since it’s a bottle you need your own cup, and that does stain.
– They have a smaller collection of colours than Manic Panic and Directions. (though they keep adding)

Update 1:
Purple didn’t seem to last very long, it faded almost completely within two weeks :(

Update 2 (May 2016):
Tried Arctic Fox Transylvania as well! Even better, though the water keeps turning blue/purple/green when I take a shower (4 weeks later) it doesn’t fade as fast. By now my roots have faded to a lighter grey but the rest is still a stunning cool black. Love it!

Update 3: I’ve tried something new: mixing! Check out that post here.

I’m not much of a selfie fan so you guys would have to deal with this snapchat post, haha.
arctic fox transylvania

Conclusion, maybe I didn’t use enough dye when I tried the purple one and that’s why it faded so fast…

Have you ever dyed your hair with Arctic Fox? What’s your experience?
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  1. WhiteWolfEm Reply

    Hey there, im thinking of using purple rain myself and i was curious as to what the fade out colour looks? ANy more pointers you can give me on this dye like how long it last and whether it does wash out completely? :) xxx

    • Sharon Dusk Reply


      I think it depends on the underlaying colour. With me it faded to a red quite quickly. But I think when you’re more blonde it might get more pinkish. And it did fade completely!

      I can’t really tell how long it will last because it’s very dependent on your own hair and how often you wash as well. I know some people who’ve used it and it faded way more slowly on their hair than mine.

      Hopefully this is a bit helpful, but a lot of those things just depend on your type of hair, the basic colour (if you bleached it or not), how often you wash, and condition, if you use a styling iron etc..

      All the bats,

    • Hi!
      I used the sunset orange – arctic fox and its amazing, my hair was previously bleached to the lightest level (it was a faded blue-pastel mint with some purple in it) the roots were yellow and it turn out amazing, really even, no patchy spots! I have wash it 3 times now and the colour hasn’t changed at all, its amazing. (with manic panic my hair faded after the first wash!) I want to try the other colours, but my first impressions with this brand = excellent

      • Sharon Dusk Reply

        Hee! Thanks a lot for your reaction, good to know that colour doesn’t fade as fast and works well over blue/purple hues. :)

  2. Well I have just used this for the first time!! I did bleach my hair first to get a vibrant colour, I had the dye on for 1 hour with a plastic cap to keep as much heat in as possible. I wasn’t holding out much hope as have used multiple red semi permanents before and never seemed to obtain the required colour. Well can I just say amazing !!!! The exact colour I wanted, no patches, vibrancy, my hair feels soft and not damaged and I have now washed my hair 4x since colouring!! Only downside is seem to get colour on my pillow but I can deal with that for such an amazing colour 💋💋

  3. Hey! Do you remember how long it was until your dye stared fading? I’m thinking of dying my hair with the purple rain In a week or two (about 2 months before the school year starts) and at my school we can’t have unnatural colored hair. So with your experiences would it be safe to dye or would it stay on too long to fade out?

    • Sharon Dusk Reply

      Hee Chelsea, I think in 2 months it would have faded but they’re probably is some colour left, but I find it hard to tell because my hair was already red underneath and 2 months later it was just a bit darker red…

      But it depends on your natural colour whether it will fade completely. They’re might be still some blue or red tones left by then. Personally blue tones never leave my hair at all (I dyed my hair blue and green several times and always have to dye it black afterwards or cut it off…) but some friends of mine don’t have that problem. I do think if you’re a light blonde you shouldn’t take the risk. But maybe you can send a message to Arctic Fox themselves what their experiences are if it will fade completely?

  4. Hi! I know you keep answering this question and I’m sorry to ask, but I’m hesitant to use this dye (Transylvannia) because I’m not sure if it will wash out COMPLETELY over time. As in, back to the same exact hair color I had before. My hair color is a dark blonde.

    • Sharon Dusk Reply

      Hi! When it comes to Transylvannia I’d say don’t… It won’t wash out completely (it has a lot of green in it) . The more redder hues will wash out more easily. But green and blue colours are way more difficult. Which is a good thing if you want it to last but if it has wash out, I think you could better pick something else.
      All the bats,

  5. Hey I just dyed my hair with arctic fox’s purple rain over a fairly light blonde base hair color. I mixed the dye 2 parts conditioner and 1 part dye to try to get a pastel purple. The result- vibrant purple. And I hate it! I don’t want to dye over it because I want to try to fade it out as much as I can back to blonde (or the originally intended pastel purple). Any suggestions/personal experiences? I’d like to know approximately how fast this stuff will fade.

    • Sharon Dusk Reply

      so sorry to hear that. I don’t have personal experience with pastel haircolours but I do know it’s quite a dark colour so perhaps you didn’t use enough conditioner? And they do have a special “pastelizer”. But for now I think it will fade faster since it’s so dilluted already, but try using more agressive shampoo like Dandruff or Repair or just very cheap bad stuff, it will make it fade quicker. Wash often, and they say vitamin c will help fading it as well (some shampoo’s have it as an ingredient).
      I can’t really tell you how fast it will fade, it also depends on if it was your normal hair or pre-bleached. When I use Arctic Fox on my normal hair it fades within 1/2 weeks, but on pre-dyed or bleached hair it will take longer.
      Good luck!

    • I’ve had the exact same thing happen to me and honestly It just took me a couple washes for it to turn into a pretty faded pastel purple. I get lots of compliments on it too

  6. I used purple rain over 2 months ago and the purple still isn’t all the way out! I’m a natural blonde so I didn’t bleach my hair, and my natural color hasn’t came back yet?? It’s more of a dark brown/red with scattered blotches of purple. How do I get the color out all the way without damaging my hair? I’ve been told that using head n shoulders with baking soda and vitamin c doesn’t work at all for this dye.

    • Sharon Dusk Reply

      Hi Jean,
      I’m sorry to hear that, I can only tell you my personal experience and those of the people around me and (as stated before) hair dye works different on everyone… The only people I know that removed it did so with the “decolouring” dye you can get at some places or with bleach. But I recommend sending your question to Arctic Fox themselves since they might have better tips, good luck.

    • If you talk to the arctic fox customer service they recommend using a joico color remover that you can buy on Amazon

  7. I used sunset orange, and right off the bat it was terrible!
    The water never ran clear, it wasn’t orange, it was red, and my hair felt disgusting, it went from soft to dry and brittle like straw!
    I have used manic panic, directions and special effects and that has never happened before. I didn’t understand why, until I read the ingredients listing. It contains wheat protein, so if you’re like me and already use products with that protein in them, avoid, because protein overload leads to massive build up! I also have only washed my hair twice, and the colour is gone. My hair has reverted back to the colour it was previously which was a light strawberry blonde colour, only with a weird “off” coloured orange tinge to it.

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