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I could once again apologize for not writing often lately but here’s the thing: I probably won’t start writing more in the upcoming weeks anyway so I might keep apologizing… At the moment I’m just way too busy with photoshoots and school. During this time of the year a lot of new fashion collections launch, which means there are a lot of new shoots. And by the time those are finished the Holiday shoots are already coming up so those can be online right on time for the Holiday shopping. And at the same time we’re already preparing the Miss & Mr. Alternative event for 2016, which include promotional photoshoots as well. On top of that I’m also extremely busy for make-up & hairstyling school, which takes up way more time than just a full day of school because practicing is really time consuming. But it’s fun so it really doesn’t matter, the only downside of it all is that I don’t have a lot of time left for the blog.

But right now I’m enjoying some tea at the Bagels & Beans in Leeuwarden and I just finished some design tasks for Attitude and preparing the upcoming lookbook shoot and now I have to wait for some feedback so I figured that right now might be a good time to write a new post. Here are some sneakpeeks of the last photoshoots for Attitude Holland, I didn’t finish all of the outfits yet but I will post the rest of them later on.

Some previews of the several shoots for Attitude Holland the last weeks:

missalternativehellbunnyqueenofdarknesswinnaresspindoctor hellbunny punkravelindybop Models: Lara Aimee, Nikki Lucy, Eileen, Theresia, Michealla,  Mera & Michelle
Muah first photo: Iris Scholte
Muah other photos: Whitney Krokke
Styling first photo: Liz Scarlet

All shoots for Attitude Holland.

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I’ll continue working now, hopefully I’ll be able to post more news soon!

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