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Since my previous Arctic Fox post was so popular I decided to share my experiences with mixing their dye as well.

I’ve been “blond” for a while now so I had quite a good base to start dyeing some brighter colours again, the roots were a bit darker though as you can see on this before photograph. It was quite a warm blond and I actually wanted to go grey but that probably wouldn’t work out as well since my hair would be a bit too dark still and a bit too warm. So I decided to go blue-ish! But obviously I don’t want to go just blue, so I mixed up Arctic Fox Aquamarine (a turquoise colour) with their Transylvania (dark grey/black) trying to get a more grey-ish blue…

Before:hair before dyeing

mixingAs you can see the blue already appeared really dark and I mixed in a full bottle of aquamarine and only one little squeeze of transylvania. It turned so dark that I had noo idea how much black I needed so I just left it like that, thinking I could always dye it darker again later. Approximately I think I’ve used 85% aquamarine to 15% transylvania.

The result (after already washing once):
theresultSomething really interesting happened here… It appears that the darker areas of my hair only picked up the black dye and the lighter areas split up the aquamarine in blue and green. It seems a little bit darker overall then when I wouldn’t have mixed it but still the bottom is soo bright and the top is pure black! How does this even work? I did mix the dye very very well before applying it.

I like it because I don’t like “flat” colours and it looks as if I tried to use three different paints and create something really difficult where I only used a mix. The blond is completely gone though, no patches left anywhere so that’s good. Still it’s far from what I expected. I look like a peacock now XD

One downside that I did not experience with the purple dye, it’s staining my skin really bad! Even after washing once already I still wake up with blue ears each morning and if I placed one of my hands underneath my head while sleeping they turned blue as well. It washes off but it’s a bit annoying. I can’t really get my ears non-blue because if I clean them my hair gets wet again and start staining so it’s an everlasting cycle. Which is irritating because I like to wear my hair up, something I really shouldn’t do right now…

Another big plus that I noticed even more than with the purple dye is that my hair feels soo much healthier after dyeing! Since I was blond for a while I used Olaplex to help it recover from all the bleach and dye and that already helped (my hair even got curlier again), but after dyeing my hair isn’t even frizzy anymore! Like it’s almost completely healthy again… how about that!

So new ups and downs to add to the previous review! I really do hope the staining stops after washing it again. My own experiences with other blue dyes it that it tends to last really long on my hair so I’m curious about that as well. I will update this post again later. In my experience with the Transylvania alone I did notice that my roots fade out extremely quickly. Probably because they arent chemicaly treated before so they take up less than the dye than the rest of my hair. Need to think of a way to fix that without damaging it too badly again. If you have any tips please let me know!

In the end, my conclusion when it comes to mixing Arctic Fox hairdyes: be prepared to end up with something way way different then expected but if you like suprises it might turn out even better ;)

Want to try Arctic Fox yourself? Get it here.

I hope you liked this “review” , if you have any hairdye tips, tricks, experiences or questions let me know!

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  1. Misschien dat je haar door het blonderen en olaplex niet op dezelfde plekken gelijk is beschadigd en weer ‘hersteld’ met olaplex waardoor je lichtere stukken krijgt? Is wel vaker als je van blond naar donkerder gaat.. als je er nog een keer overheen gaat dan is je haar meer verzadigd met pigment en wordt ie wat donkerder! Maar dit effect is ook nice! Ben benieuwd hoe die uitspoelt.

    • Sharon Dusk Reply

      oohja slim dat kan het wel eens zijn inderdaad. Ik heb bij Arctic Fox altijd wel dat hij niet overal hetzelfde pakt zegmaar maar dit is wel extreem :P ga het zien de volgende keer, ben wel benieuwd. En ik gok op heel groenig, haha.

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