Hi there,

I hope you all had a great weekend. Mine was super different and busy. On Friday I did this amazing photoshoot with Nathaly Blue at the former Dutch amusement park “Land van Ooit”. On Saturday I went to Lowlands festival, which took me a couple of hours to adjust to how extremely different it was from M’era Luna, but it was fun, I finally saw Sum 41 live! Teenhood memories, haha. And on Sunday I helped out at the Attitude Holland open house, which is always fun to do, I love helping people to shop and spend all there money at Attitude *evil laugh*. But seriously it’s always great with lots of cool people :)  And I do finally start to get used to my fangs a bit more, the lisping is slowly decreasing. Yay for becoming a better vamp.

But instead of taking a little rest, first it’s time for the last part of my M’era Luna 2016 photos! Here are the results of the mini shooting with Psychara and Mai Magi at the medieval market. Love their looks, witchy viking vibes all over <3


I hope you like the photos. On my instagram you can already find a behind the scenes of last Fridays shoot and tomorrow I’ll post a sneakpeek on there as well so make sure you follow me there to stay up to date!

All the bats,

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