Hee batsies,

I guess it’s a bit too late to wish you all a Happy New Year right?
Back when I wrote my previous post I thought that by now I would have settled in Leeuwarden a bit more and have less hours at Zara (more like the 20 a week I signed for) and a bit more time to spare… but I guess that was way too optimistic. Turns out I’m still in a bit of the same mess, not even having the time to construct the furniture I got. But I did finally put part of my clothes in a dresser, step 1 has been taken, haha. Most of my clothes and items are still in Enschede but guess what, don’t have time to get those to Leeuwarden either. But still being optimistic that soon I will get less hours and be able to do all those things.

For now I’m writing this post while I’m in the train headed towards Schiphol, flying to London tomorrow very very early in the morning; it’s London Edge time again! So excited! And this time Psychara will be joining me so it will probably get even more epic. But before London Edge spam is coming up I wanted to show you the new Lookbook I shot (and styled) for Attitude Holland!
This time it’s all about the brand Urban Classics and the pretty models are Zhia de Cocq and Rohan Nagel. Make-up as always by Whitney Krokke.

It’s a bit different from my normal style but I like to have some variety every now and then. :)

For now I’m logging off. Going to take a walk through Amsterdam and then head towards my hotel quite early to have a relax evening before all the London Edge madness will begin tomorrow. I’ll try to update my instagram stories as frequently as possible the upcoming days so follow me at Instagram!

All the bats,




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