Good afternoon batsies,

as promised my London Edge diary!

Ok so this actually wasn’t London Edge yet, but just an awesome day in London. Our plane was delayed quite a bit and we got desperately lost on our way to the hotel so we didn’t have as much free time as we hoped but it was still fun! Spend the day in Camden (of course). Soo many stores that sell New Rocks! It’s just so hard to not spend money there. But there really aren’t that many alternative shops left, just a whole lot of tourist shops by now, which makes me a bit sad. But we had a mission: finding Gaby her perfect pair of high creepers. She did find them! But for 150 pounds so she didn’t bought them, haha. Instead she did find a pair of nightwalker look-a-like heels for only 5! Score. She also wanted a new pair of shades so we visited every single store and it really amazed me how much they’re ripping you of. Seriously 15 pound for cheap ass sunglasses? When we left the store because we didn’t like them enough they followed us saying we could get them for 5…
I myself didn’t plan on spending a lot of money but I did find a very cute bat tanktop for only 4 pounds so I couldn’t resist that.
 After our little shopping spree we had dinner at the Ice Wharf, very busy but cheap and nice.(and they have good allergy information.)

First day of London Edge! And the day with the bloggers meet and the Dolls Kill seminar. Since we visited both we didn’t really see that much of the rest of the convention but it was very interesting. And I liked seeing some of the biggest alternative fashion bloggers in real life. Even Olivia Emily was there! I’ve been following her for years (fan girl mode = on). The bloggers meet up always starts a lot later than planned so It’s a long wait but when it finally started it was a q&a between Dolls Kill and the bloggers, focused on fashion blogging and working with brands. What I found most interesting is that they discussed whether they post everything they get for free or just the things they would actually wear. It surprised me that one of them even said she turned down KillStar. I do think it’s good though, I would never turn them down because it’s one of my favourite brands, but it’s good to stay focused on your own image and don’t just post everything you get. Some bloggers do but over time you will loose your own identity and the promotional value will be lower as well. The small seminar by Dolls Kill was nice as well, it was more focused on running your business as a webshop. So both were interesting for me!
Afterwards we visited Demonia, KillStar, YRU, Alchemy Gothic, Ragged Priest and some more brands. My highlight?  KillStar obviously, so many new things, can’t wait for the blouses to arrive. But Demonia as well, loads of new styles and gorgeous heels. And the Social Decay girls are really nice! But actually the entire London Edge is one big highlight.

In the evening it was time for the afterparty, we arrived a little late because we went for dinner first so we missed the ring act by Cervena Fox, which sucks, there wasn’t a timetable and I expected it to be later in the evening. But the venue was very nice (the Islington Metal Works) and we had some nice chats. We did leave on time because two days of London Edge is a bit exhausting and we did have to fly back on Monday as well.

New suppliers day! Searching through London Edge for possible new suppliers for Attitude Holland. We’ve found a couple but I can’t tell you everything yet. But my favourite new brands are probably Jane Nevermore (handmade occult jewellery), she was so sweet!, and Eye of Horus (organic, vegan, allergy friendly, gorgeous make-up). We also spend quite some time chatting with the people from Iron Fist and House Of Widow. It’s such a shame that Widow doesn’t sell well in the Netherlands because it is definitely one of the most gorgeous alternative brands. Their fabrics are beautiful. But it’s quite pricey and I think the problem is that people can’t really see the quality and the beauty of the fabrics on a webshop photo, so we have to think of a way to show that online. Any ideas?

We left the convention pretty early to catch our flights, but when we arrived we heard that our flight was delayed for about an hour. So we had a massive amount of time left on Heathrow, why do they only have the most expensive shops and food over there? It really surprised me. Starbucks suddenly seemed cheap. Luckily enough the flight itself went really smooth and my parents were sweet enough to pick me up from the airport. I arrived home about 2 a.m. only to wake up the next morning at 7.30 to go the gym with a friend, but when I was almost ready I found out that there wasn’t any breakfast at home and I really can’t sport without having breakfast, so I got out of bed early for no reason. Ah well left me more time to work.

And I’m still tired, but maybe that’s because I’m really bad at taking some rest. I’ll finish some new designs for the Attitude Holland site today and tomorrow I’ll go to Amsterdam with Heleen for the Men at Work academy! I’m quite excited. And then maybe I will take some rest on Monday (a little bit).

All the bats,

p.s. only a couple of days left before my necklaces are gone forever, you know you want one! <3

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