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It’s almost a week ago since I was walking around on London Edge with Attitude Holland already! I want to go back… It’s been quite an intense week so far with quitting my job at Zara (too much working for free, never getting a compliment and I felt like we were all turning into different people. At London Edge I just realised that the “alternative” world is so much better and nicer so for now I want to focus on my photography/blogging/make-up etc again :) So good news for you guys! More me, haha.) and getting a new research and treatment for my health which had some results that I still have to wrap my head around a little bit… But for now it’s just time to tell you about the awesome start of the week: London Edge!

At first when I heard that all the “big guys” like Killstar, Disturbia, Iron Fist and Demonia wouldn’t be there I was quite sad, but when I look back now I think it was actually a real good thing. Because all the smaller brands that normally would go unnoticed got their fair share of attention right now. And there were some amazing new brands! My fav should be Asgard, such lovely people as well! It’s a brand that found it’s roots in archeology and now makes viking jewellery based on real archeological finds. And an epic detail; they’ve made the bracelet for Ragnar in the tv show “Vikings”! Other wicked new brands: Elements rainwear, Okayla sportswear and Librastyle. And not totally new but first time at London Edge: Hexbomb! So great to meet those girls and the new bombs that are coming up are simply amazing. Now I really need a bath at home.

Some of the well known brands were there though; New Rock, Queen of Darkness, Jawbreaker, Spin Doctor, Tuk, Collectif, Pamela Mann… always nice to see what’s coming up and this time I was most positively surprised by Collectif, love the “Cry Baby” jacket! And I adore the Alchemy England stand, gorgeous as always, especially the Golden spiral necklace. And Manic Panic makes me want to dye my hair again, but I don’t know which colour. Tips are welcome!

Other highlights of the show were, as always, the catwalk and the epic afterparty! Location of the afterparty was Islington Metal works and I love the vibe over there. Free bbq and drinks, cool performances and a dj that was playing rock classics… I was quite suprised I had some of my voice left the next day.
And Psychara and I spent the biggest part of the Sunday with the bloggers meet up, meeting lovely girls like Wioleth, Olivia Emily, Faiiint and Empty Alien, trying not be a an awkward fangirl too much.

The catwalkshow:

After Party & bloggers meet:

Psychara filmed the weekend and her vlog is online now as well! So I’ve added it below, have fun watching to see all the things I forgot to mention XD For now this is about it, my head is a bit too full this week so I’m probably forgetting some awesome things but the photos are the best part anyway. ;)

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