Hi batsies,

maybe some of you remember that last December I did a little giveaway on my facebook to win a photoshoot. Nathaly Blue won but then she got busy with school and so we decided to plan the shoot a little later.. So it became August and the shoot was finally here and worth the wait!

We planned a trip to the former Dutch amusement park “Land van Ooit”, most of the amusement park is gone but the large pink castle and little soldiers are still there, so it’s a unique shoot location. Nathaly made her own dress, partly out of latex, and I did her hair and make-up. Both of our boyfriends came along for assistence and behind the scenes footage, which made for a great team and a fun day. It did start raining later in the afternoon so we had to stop before we saw the entire park but I’m still pleased with the results.

Normally I really hate to be on camera myself so having a behind the scenes video is pretty rare. It does give me less to talk about since you can all watch it, so I’m done writing, watch the photos and behind the scenes video below!(And enjoy my butt in one of the first shots… haha. Those are my all time favourite shorts though. <3)

Do you think I should do another photoshoot give-away this year?

Model: Nathaly Blue
Video by Polybius Industries

All the bats,


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