Good evening batsies,

it’s Friday! yay. Well that’s what normal people would think… I have the most busy weekend coming up, but fun though! Shooting tomorrow and Sunday is my first internship day for school, I’m a bit stressed out to be honest, hopefully I’ll be good enough. We’re going to the “I Love Beauty” event, which is very big with all the famous people in the Dutch beauty industry, and we have to do make up demonstrations over there.. exciting!

But for today I wanted to share this with you: the results of the forest shoot with Tamar two weeks ago. I must say I’m quite proud. We did the styling together but it’s the first shoot for which I also did the make-up and hairstyling myself, I hope you like it :) And it’s actually quite special, I used to have a black labrador called “Black Magic” for eleven years, best doggie ever, but sadly enough she died three days after this photoshoot. Since we used the black magic book clutch for this shoot it’s in her memory  a bit. <3

Clothing and accessoires by Attitude Holland (apart from the lace body)

Model: Tamar van Aemestelle
Assistence: Ace Laserface

Want to do a photoshoot with me as well? please contact me, I would love to hear your ideas :)

All the bats,


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