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This week I spent two lovely days in Bruges with Ace. What a gorgeous city! I don’t even know where to start my story… So I might as well just tell the story in a basic chronological way.

We left my home about eight in the morning, thinking we’d be in Bruges around 12. That didn’t really work out as planned since our navigation sent us right through the centre of Antwerp! And trust me, even though I really love Antwerp, it’s the last place you want to end up when you’re  heading somewhere else. It always nice to see some bits of Antwerp though. By two p.m. we finally arrived in Bruges and we went straight to our hotel. We booked an extremely fancy room at de Tuilerieen, BEST HOTEL EVER. Seriously if you ever go to Bruges you should book a room over there. It’s quite expensive but it’s perfect. The first thing Ace noticed when we checked in was the wall of fame at the entrance, featuring names like Colin Farrell and Brian May. I lost track of how many times I’ve heard “We’re staying at the same hotel as Brain May, maybe he slept in our room!” during these two days.

After staring at our magnificent room we left the hotel and took a scroll through Bruges. First thing you’ll see: Beer and chocolate everywhere!
We visited the blood basilisk, which I found more beautiful on the outside than on the inside but still very pretty! Then we just gazed and gazed at all the buildings and quite early I was a little bit annoyed by the massive amount of tourists and got dizzy so we decided to take a boattrip (we received a voucher from the hotel). It was really cool to see Bruges from a boat. Best way I think. There are a lot of carriages riding around as well but they’re way more expensive and the view is very different when you’re in a boat. And the guide even mentioned our hotel!

For diner we went to a small bistro and ordered some scampi and vegetables that you could grill at your own table, yummy! Afterwards we  visited some other streets and went back to the hotel quite early. The entire bathroom was made out of marble, I felt like a queen.

Breakfast the next morning was unbelievable. They even had nuts and all sorts of fruit you can think off. I didn’t even recognize them all. And several sorts of (smoked) fish, shrimps, meat, cheeses, english breakfast, pancakes, bread -of course-, yoghurts and a chocolate fountain! You can’t have a better start of your day.

We left the hotel pretty early and headed to the Church of our Lady where they have a statue made by Michelangelo! I’m not religious but I do love the history of art so I just had to see it. But when we were in front of the statue my chin starting bleeding out of nowhere, super strange, so I hid it with my hands. Trust me you don’t want to start bleeding magically in one of the most famous churches in Belgium. But that only resulted in blood covered hands as well. So I didn’t take any photos of it but Ace was kind enough to do that for me -while he was laughing at me for bleeding-. After cleaning my face and hands at the most nearby toilet we visited the archeology musuem, which was meant for kids but we didn’t know that… not really worth your time. We’ve probably learned more of history by just walking around in Bruges and the amount of antique/curiosa shops we visited. It was soo hard to not buy anything!
In the afternoon we went to the torture museum which was very interesting and bought some beers, waffles and other souvenirs before we headed home. Luckily enough the drive back home went way smoother.

I’ve probably forgotten about twenty awesome things right now, I really should write my blogpost right when I get back. But we got back Wednesday evening and I had so many things to do on Thursday, preparing the lookbook shoot and making banners and newsletters for Attitude. And yesterday we’ve spent the entire day shooting the new lookbook so I couldn’t write it earlier, but I’ll try next time!

Have you ever been to Bruges? What did you love the most?

All the bats,

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