Hello my lovely batsies,

I’m so sorry for writing so little lately! I’m really trying to get my health back on track and I’m slowly picking up some work again. Last Friday I had a new photoshoot, for the upcoming lookbook for Attitude Holland and I’ll try to finish it soon as well but first I still had to share these with you…

Some of you might know that I’ve been a massive Helmut Newton fan for a long long time now (Have you ever been to his museum in Berlin? No? you should!) and I’ve wanted to do a shoot inspired by him since forever. Luckily enough Helena Lush shares my fandom, so when I found this awesome mask we planned a shoot, and I just love the results! We did the styling together and I did the make-up as well. Isn’t she sexy? haha.

Assistence by Ace Laserface (of course <3)

Oh and btw, I graduated from make-up school last Monday, yay. :) Now I want to do more shoots to expand my make-up portfolio as well so if you want to work with me and have a nice idea please let me know!

All the bats,


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