Hello batsies,

are you ready for Halloween? I’m not, well I’m super excited for it and busy planning the party but I still am not sure on what to wear and how to do my make-up. Stress!! Last year there were so many amazing costumes at our party that we just want to do even better, and more original, this year, quite a challenge. And I don’t like all the bloody costumes, which makes it even harder. I think they look nice if well done but I just prefer something that is very disturbing without being disgusting, haha.

So I’m searching the internet for some awesome inspiration and here are some amazing ideas, some are quite easy others really require a certain level of make-up skills but I hope they inspire you. I would love to hear your ideas as well! And show me photos of your outfit last year <3 .

I discovered that men are also reading my blog so I’ve added to male examples in this list especially for them. I’ll try to make my entire blog a bit more unisex approved, haha.

female reptile lookSnake

male skull lookSkull

male crow lookRaven

female skull lookFemale skull

Female nun lookTisiphone

plague doctor lookPlague Doctor

Which one is your favourite?

All the bats,

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