Now I finally got a good night’s sleep it’s time for a post on the past few days: Graspop Metal Meeting
In short? IT WAS AWESOME! And I’m still extremely hungry and tired, haha.


10.30 present at Hengelo railway station, getting this adventure started by travelling with the Metal bus! The amount of people in our bus? Five, we had to stop at Goor, Deventer, Arnhem and Eindhoven to pick up some more. But since we were the first we had the very best spots in the bus, a good start.
Everything was going quite well until we left Arnhem and ended up in a traffic jam for TWO hours. After the jam finally ended the bus driver had to take a break for 45 minutes, so by that time we got a delay of almost three hours. We were meeting two of our friends at the festival, so it was pretty sad for them since they had to wait for over two hours as well.

19.00 we finally arrived at Graspop! Time to head to the camping spot, build our tents and enjoy the festival.

22.00 Entering the festival took a bit longer than expected, soo many people! And the camping area was huge. So by around 22.00 we were finally ready to head to the festival itself. We watched some song by a Pantera cover band and then headed back to the tents quite early to make sure we would have some energy for the next day!

Graspop main stages

11.30 The Dead Daisies are opening the festival. Since I was very busy the last weeks I didn’t really check out the line-up so I only found out that John Corabi was playing about an hour before they started. And I really like John Corabi so I had to see them!

For the biggest part of the day I was just walking around and enjoying the festival. There weren’t many bands during the day that I had to see. The only two I wanted to see really badle were Slash with Myles Kennedy and KISS. And they were epic. Slash played Sweet Child O’ Mine. What a perfect moment.

Fisheye funfestival fashionSaturday
11.15 first band: Hawk Eyes. Not as good as expected but it was nice to wake up with. And then I had to start running, so many bands I wanted to see! Orchid, The Haunted, Danko Jones, Shining…
and at 14.55 : A DAY TO REMEMBER. And it definitely was, because Graspop was sold out by then! Nice timing.
Their shows are always so much fun! After A Day To Remember I went to see The Ocean, Lacuna Coil, We Are Harlot,  Five Finger Death Punch, Alice Cooper (which was one of the most awesome shows of the weekend), Korn, Judas Priest and Slipknot! Busy day! I didn’t even watch the full Slipknot show because I was way too exhausted by then.

Even though I do understand it’s exhausting and I slept suprisingly well in my small tent I was extremely surprised by how many people were sleeping at the festival grounds. How do you manage to sleep in the middle of a dirty, sandy field with thousands of people walking around and loud metal music?
sleeping crowd
We started the day a bit later, at 12.20 we saw the first band: Pop Evil. Betraying the Martyrs followed and they really surprised me, very awesome!
Up next: Tremonti, Motionless in White (yes I did sing along) and Black Stone Cherry. The last one was nice but a bit boring to look at so we decided to take a ride in the ferry wheel! Very cool way to see the entire festival.
Afterwards we took a scroll at the festival market and I didn’t even buy anything! Pretty proud of myself. Well I did buy a Motionless in White shirt but the merch stand wasn’t at the market, haha.

17.45 Time for more bands, starting with Septic Flesh. They had songs about vampires! Isn’t that awesome.
By the time their show ended I still saw a small part of the Airbourne show. When Lamb of God started playing I headed back to our tent for a while (our air matress leaked so I had to fix that, didn’t want to do that at the end of the evening).
When I got back it was time for Motorhead, Within Temptation and Dragon Force.

22.40 Cradle of Filth…. well I don’t really know what to say about that. I just don’t understand the vocals. Left after two songs. When we left we saw the singer of Motionless in White. Which was quite funny because my friend saw him before I did and he went up to him saying he enjoyed the show (before Graspop he always said he didn’t like them).

The last bands of the evening: The Scorpions and Faith No More. I didn’t really expect much, and it seemed like many people didn’t because a lot of people already left, but it was amazing.

graspop ferry wheel overview

08.00 Rise and shine!! Time to wake-up, get ready, pack our bags, take down our tents and head back to the busses.
Worst part? It was raining quite hard the entire morning, not cool.
The bus arrived a bit too late but when it finally did we had to enter the bus first (since we were the last ones to leave the bus), so we got the same awesome spots again!

19.00 back home! At the last moment it got a bit exciting. We had a bus driver that didn’t know Hengelo and a bus that was too high for all the bridges… We almost got stuck! But it was good to be home. Good food, a hot shower and a good bed are just the best things ever when you get back from a festival weekend!


I already miss it though, had a great time. Can’t wait for M’era Luna!

Did you go as well? What was your favourite moment?

All the bats,

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