Hi batsies,

time for a new outfit post!
This time I chose a “special” outfit, it’s almost the exact outfit I was wearing to AttitudeFest last year! (only I had to wear a crew shirt back then, haha). So I decided to turn it into a new outfit post to do some promoting for this year, sorry not sorry. If you missed it: we’re organising AttitudeFest again this year! At Atak in Enschede, indoors and outdoors and this year will be even more epic! We’ve got bands, catwalkshows, acts, a fortuneteller, workshops (like special fx make-up, wish I could join it), a huge Attitude market, live tattoo paint, free hairdye sessions and even Hexbomb is coming by! And more… you can find all information here. We’re also hosting the Miss & Mr. Alternative contest again, last week we had the semifinal/trainingsday and there are so many awesome contestants, can’t wait to see the final show. You can find last years aftermovie at the end of this post. I would love to hang out with you at the 27th of May at Atak! ;)

But no more marketing here, let’s get to the outfit.
Top: House of widow
Shorts: Only
Belt bag: Restyle
Boots: New Rock
Overknees: Pamela Mann
Silver nailpolish: Stargazerfull-festivallook

shoes-festivallook  detail-festivallook

This is kind of my go-to festival look when it’s a bit colder. The top is one of my favourite items ever, I’m soo sad that we don’t stock Widow at Attitude Holland anymore. There seem to be very little people in Holland willing to buy it, while the fabrics, designs and quality are so amazing! I’ve had this top for almost three years now and it seems as good as new! I do hand wash it as much as possible, but I do that with all my favourite items, it really makes a difference. So if you want your clothes to last as long as possible put in a little more effort and wash them by hand.The top is really really warm though so it isn’t suitable for hotter festival days. The boots are a bit warm as well but not as bad as it seems! And they are soo soo comfy I wear them to every festival, even M’era Luna when it often is very hot. The Restyle belt is less practical then I hoped, but that might have to do with my phone being so huge. I can only fit some cards in the bag and perhaps some money, but no phone. So whenever you’re at a festival and don’t care about bringing your phone and/or camera it’s really nice (and safe).  I often work at festivals and then I need my phone and my camera so for me it’s less practical, but it still looks nice.

What’s your favourite festival outfit?

All the bats,


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