Hi batsies,

last weekend was Dutch Comic Con time! Since Attitude Holland was their biggest partner this year I spent soo much time creating banners and adds and preparing that it was super nice that it was finally here! It was my first time at a cosplay event like this and I do have to admit that I felt like a complete noob for not recognizing all the characters but it was fun and just awesome to watch all those creations.

On Saturday I spent the first hours waiting for our models and guide them to the entrance… Apparently I didn’t choose the best place for that because one of the guards came by and he said “We’re so glad you’re over here for so long, we’re having a great time watching the camera footage” *insert creepy grin* …
So I was really glad when that was finally over! The rest of the day I walked around with Helena Lush and our AttitudeFest frame to take photos of visitors and promote AttitudeFest a little bit.

Though it was a lot of fun it was quite exhausting as well so when I got back to my hotelroom I was soo soo happy that the bathroom actually had a bathtub. I brought one of the Hexbombs with me that I still had in my suitcase from London Edge so I ended the day with a goth approved black bath <3

Sunday I spent most of the day backstage, helping and preparing the Attitude Holland catwalk show! I did most of the styling beforehand and when it comes to stuff I work for I’m quite a perfectionist and controlfreak… maybe a little bit too much. Which led to no more time to walk around and take photos, so Helena and Psychara did that job on Sunday (you can find all photos on the Attitude Holland facebook ;)) . Obviously I did take photos of the show itself and the models did soo well!

After the show there was only little time left so I took some extra photos of the models and walked around with a couple of them to actually see a little bit of the Con for myself.. sadly enough it was soo late  that a lot of the stands were already packing up :(
I’m still feeling like it was yesterday, still so tired, so this is it for now. Hope you enjoyed it and don’t forget to check out the rest at the Attitude page!

All the bats,


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