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Happy New Year! “Officially” I’m not allowed to say that anymore since yesterday, but who cares right?
Did you make some resolutions for 2016? I didn’t, I never do since I know I will fail in about 2 months anyway and I think it’s quite strange to want to improve on something but wait for January first to do so. Anyway  I must admit that somehow I did this year. I actually started last November already but the Holidays always are an impossible period for any plans on being healthy etc. So I’m starting over again today.

What am I doing and why? Well I’ve always had a lot of problems with my health, being allergic to over two hundred things and even more strange diseases, and having a whiplash because my heels were to high so I hit my head on a traffic sign (you’re allowed to laugh). Which lead to a lifetime of adjusting and trying all kinds of stuff to feel a bit better. I figured out that following a strict diet helps, having breakfast with (green) smoothies and eating as clean as possible, no weird chemicals and little fat and avoiding all the things I’m allergic to of course. Working out moderately helps as well, like swimming and yoga. Especially since it helps clearing my head. And trying not to work 24/7 might be a good idea as well. So I’m doing those things again, just even better than before.

diy natural night cream
Since I’m already very strict on what I’m eating for years now and my health (and skin) still isn’t optimized I did some research on skin care. Why would I put so much chemicals and ingredients I don’t know on my skin twice a day if I refuse to eat them? Last year I started using almond oil in the evening several days a week to see if it would make a difference compared to my regular night cream, and it didn’t take long to notice that it actually took much better care of my under eye circles than the regular cream! And my entire skin got better, firmer and has less break outs.
But my skin isn’t very dry and almond oil is too greasy to put it on my entire face each day, and it doesn’t have all the essential vitamins I would like so I decided to make my own mix! I told my boyfriend to use coconut oil instead of chemical creams a while back and it seems to improve his skin as well. So I added that and after some more research I wanted to add shea butter as an extra ingredient.

night cream ingredients
The only things you need.


The ingredients:
– Almond oil: reduces puffy eyes and dark circles, anti-aging effects.
– Coconut oil: moisturizes, protects and heals the skin. (Dita von Teese mentions in her book that she uses it as well, have you ever seen anyone with a better skin?)
– Shea butter: hydrating, especially good for dry and irritated skin, treats acne and protects against uv sunlight (in case you want to use it as a day cream as well!). Rich in vitamin A and E.

I got mine at a shop called de Tuinen. (Holland & Barrett) but if you don’t have one in your town you can order online or check out your other local organic stores.

How to make it?
Melt the coconut oil (if firm) and shea butter, mix all and put it in a pretty jar :) haha. I used about 40% coconut oil, 40% almond oil and 25% shea butter but it’s totally up to you, depending on which effects you want the most.
you could also add lots of other natural ingredients, there is plenty of information to find on the effects on your skin. If you don’t like the smell of it (I love the coconut smell) you can add an essential oil like peppermint, lavender or rose as well.

mix after melting
All ingredients melted & mixed!

The best part? It isn’t limited to use on your skin, it’s very nice for your hair and nails as well. Might get greasy though.
Don’t forget to exfoliate your skin often as well. It removes the dead skin cells and helps the skin heal itself. Exfoliate first and then use the cream to moisturize your skin again.

In total I spend € 18,- (they had sale) and I have two jars full of cream and a lot of coconut oil and some almond oil left.

I want to blog more about beauty when I’ve finished school so here’s  first “beauty” post! Hope you like it, if you love more beauty/health posts in the future let me know!

All the bats,


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