Wishlist Wednesday


Good evening,

I never thought I would say this but it was actually hard to make another wishlist post… I didn’t really have a lot of items lately that I really really wanted. But I have to admit I didn’t spent a lot of time “online shopping” either. I did buy and want some things, obviously, but I spent a lot of time fixing things around the house and pimping the balcony so most of the stuff I bought was home related instead of fashion. But when I spent some time looking around online to write this it wasn’t hard at all to find some stuff for my wishlist… maybe writing these articles isn’t the best thing to do! haha.

  1. Restyle dreamcatcher bag – € 54,99

    dreamcatcher bagI take my big Disturbia bag everywhere but sometimes it’s nice to have a smaller bag as well and when I saw that Attitude Holland added this bag today I just loved it. It’s still witchy and dark but not too satanic or heavy as some items are so it’s safe for a family visit for example… or how about a festival!

  2. Black Milk Mucha inside out dress – € 82,00
    black milk muchaThis is one of those items that has been on my wishlist since forever… those who know me a little know that I love art history and am a big fan of Alphonse Mucha’s work. (Even got a tattoo inspired by it) So that BlackMilk has a dress with that lovely art is just an instant WANT! And its reversible so even better because you get two dresses, sort of. It is extremely colourful though and shipping/taxes are soo tricky when ordering from BlackMilk, but one day it will be mine!
  3. Demonia platforms – € 84,99

    Do I even need to write something on these? <3 I will always have a soft spot for platforms and these are the perfect mix between feminine and spicey, hahaha.

  4. VG london harness – € 19,99

  5. VG London Dress– € 99,99

    VG (Victorian Goth) London is a new brand we spotted at London Edge and we only recently added their stuff to our site. I barely ever wear corsets so I wasn’t really struck by their first batch of products, gorgeous, but not meant for me, but now we’ve added some extra stuff and I could see myself wearing that! I love harnesses and already own a stunning one by killstar but this one is soo pretty as well, and not that expensive so I consider it a musthave. On the dress… well it’s just sooo gorgeous! Still have to come up with an occasion to wear it but I fell in love when I saw it.

This is it for now, not a big one, I guess working for stores soo much the last days kind of killed my shopping vibe, haha. For those of you who don’t know yet; I started working on some new social media for a shopping street in my home town. They wanted to promote their street as a whole and I like a lot of the shops that are based there (ok 99% of the time is spent at Bagels & Beans but still) so it’s a fun new project. It only had to launch earlier than expected so I’ve been massively busy on getting that up and visiting all the stores and taking photos etc.
If you ever come in Enschede or just want to help me out a bit check out the pages:

All the bats,

P.s. we’re having a spring discount at Attitude Holland now, the more you spent the higher the discount. Got to love it.



Good evening!

As promised in my previous post; a restart on my Wishlist Wednesday series! Why? Well since it’s my birthday month I have to make wishlist anyway and since I work for a big webshop and spend soo many time looking at others I almost feel obliged to share my top finds with you! These things are just too pretty not to share. And well maybe I will never get them and they will stay on my wishlist forever while some of you might have gotten them… then I will still be pleased that I’ve lead you to one of your new favourite items ;)

Of course it’s been awhile since my last one and when time passed you also get different views on things so let’s see this as a wishlist wednesday 2.0 , same idea, just evolved. Anyways, less talking, more sharing awesome things so here we go!

1. The Rogue + The Wolf Blood Sucker dress – € 39,34

Rogue and Wolf bloodsucker dressDo I need to explain this? It has a bat AND a moon on it! Haha as far as that normally works for me I also really love the model of this dress and the cute pointy detailled sleeves. And the price isn’t that bad either!

2. Love Coffee enamel pin – € 7,61

love coffee pinI’m not addicted… we’re just in a really commited relationship! Gypsy Warrior has loads of cool pins to personalize your outfit, prices are good as well, the only downside is that shipping to Europe is quite pricey (since they’re based in the US) but I’ve never had problems with customs whenever I ordered from there and it’s always pretty quick!

3. Widow Batcave high-waisted jeans – € 103,82

widow batcave jeansYou can never have too many black high waisted skinny jeans! To me that’s definitely a wardrobe essential. So what’s better than finding one with just a super gorgeous sexy back detail! I always love the stuff House of Widow makes, the prices are on the high side but the fabrics and quality as well as the unique designs are totally worth it.

4. Half moon planter – € 25,-

moonplanterSince I’m still trying to make this new place more of a home I also spent a lot of time looking for pretty homeware, like this half moon planter! Could use it as a bowl for anything else as well, but I like the plant option!

5. Killstar Betty Rage dress – € 42,99

Killstar Betty Rage dressLove pencil dresses, love pentagrams, love Killstar, nothing more to say…

6. Asos Mesh Maxi skirt – € 37,33

asos skirtWhen I spotted this skirt on Asos a couple days ago it instantly reminded my of a skirt I once ordered from Punkrave but which was way too short… I love how it has knickers instead of a mini skirt underneath the mesh layer, so much easier! No constant checking if the mini skirt isn’t crawling up.
I used to have something like this, with a mini skirt, but the mesh got caught up in the wheel of my bike and it was destroyed :( So I definitely need a new one. Perfect for summer as well, protecting your legs from the sun a bit (or the world from your milky legs).

7.Disturbia leather jacket – € 403,27

Disturbia leather jacketThis is one of those items that will probably never come of my wishlist simply because I can’t afford it (or something miraculous should happen). But I loved it too much not to share. It’s such an unique eye catching piece! And leather jackets are another wardrobe essential if you ask me.

That’s it for now! Let me know what you think, if I should do these more often again and which items is your favourite. And if you’re lucky enough to be a proud owner of any of them I would love to see photos! (scroll down a bit for the commentsection)

All the bats,

P.s. It’s latenight shopping today at Attitude Holland again! Use code “LATENIGHT15” to get 15% off your order!






Hey again,

though I haven’t been spending much time on my blog due to school I couldn’t let the Holidays pass without a little gift inspiration! Since I make all the newsletters for Attitude Holland I know exactly what’s new, trending and in stock, so I’ve got the best knowledge for a cool little gift guide. Every item is in stock (at least it is at the moment I’m writing this) so it will surely be in time for Christmas.

Want some outfit inspiration? check out the Midnight Magic lookbook.

blackchristmas gift guideLinks: GlovesLipglossOuija Bag Midi Ring BeanieShades Overknee SocksEarringsBlouseSkirt

I might make another giftguide if you like this, just tell me which theme you would like to see.

What’s on your Christmas wishlist?

All the bats,


Since my blog is super silent due to my make-up and hairstyling study I thought it would be a nice idea to share a Wishlist Wednesday on hair and make-up products. It’s isn’t actually my wishlist because I own most of the products already, but I just really love them and wanted to share it with you! They aren’t the cheapest, but also far from the most expensive products, and you really notice a difference compared to the cheapest brands.

1. Make-up Studio brow powder – € 14,90 – click here.
This brow powder is part of my make-up kit for school and I’m absolutely in love with it. We also use pencils but I prefer powder since it’s way more subtle and the colours are better. Perfect item for creating stunning eyebrows (and that really makes a difference!).


2. Tony & Guy Casual Sea Salt Spray – € 12,99 – click here.
I bought this product a while back, never heard of it but Toni & Guy had this “buy 1 get 1 free” promotion and I wanted their dry shampoo and this product drew my attention. And I’m really glad it did. It’s perfect to get rid of frizzy hair and it changes the texture of your hair which makes it way more easier to style.

3.  BaByliss Multi Styler – € 37,95 – click here.
I have to admit that I don’t even know all the possibilities of this tool yet since we only used the curling iron for school so far but I really like how easy it is. It gets hot and I did burn my fingers twice so far but that’s only because I’m very clumsy. It doesn’t get too hot to normally handle it. And it’s quite cheap for all the options you get. (several different curling items and a straightening iron).

babyliss styling tool
4. L’oreal Tecni.Art Texture dust – € 8.53 – click here.
This product should be among the basic kit of every woman! Who doesn’t want more volume easily? No more words needed.
5. Concrete Minerals eyeshadow – € 8,99 – click here.
Super pigmented eyeshadow, and it’s even vegan! You can use it either dry or wet, but make sure to tap some of the product off your brush before applying it on your face (tap it on the lid or the top of your hand). It’s very intense and it’s a loose powder so if you use too much it will spread over your entire face (trust me I know…) .



Do you have any experience with one of these products? I would love to hear from you. If you haven’t let me know what your favourite beauty products are!

Oh and take a look at my first result for school, pretty proud of myself, haha. When I get the results of the photoshoot I’ll share them with you as well :)

sylvanaAll the bats,


I know it’s been a bit silent the past week, sorry for that, really needed to take some rest. But today I’m trying to start working again and this weekend will be very very busy as well so new stuff is coming, no worries!

For now it’s time to start with another Wishlist Wednesday, last week I was shooting Mandrake’s Monster and the shoot took a bit longer than expected so I didn’t have any time left to write a post, hope you didn’t miss it too much.

Last year I organised a big Halloween party (over here there Halloween isn’t celebrated that much, which I find really sad) , I didn’t want to do it again this year because it was too expensive and I don’t really have that much spare time. But people kept asking for it so I decided that I might as well throw a party, just asking some more people to help out and letting people bring their own booze might save me a lot of money! So I’m already starting to prepare stuff and thinking about my costume, I really love Halloween and last year the costumes were very good so I need a better one! Which led to this Halloween themed wishlist, perhaps it’s a bit early but some things might take time to make(DIY versions are always a good idea) or get delivered.

Do you have any plans for Halloween? Any good costume ideas?

#1. Red horned headpiece – € 45,00 – click here.

red horned headpiece

#2. Classic deluxe fangs – € 26,99 – click here.

classic deluxe fangs
#3. BlackMilk dragon leggings – $ 85.00 AUD. – click here.

blackmilk dragon leggings
#4. Game of Thrones temporary tattoo – £ 13.00 – click here.


#5. Orange red wig – € 33.00 – click here.

orange red wig

Hope you like these and that it might inspire you for the upcoming Halloween!

All the bats,

Hey Hey <3

as you might have noticed I spent the weekend in London! And it was lovely, inspiring and a bit exhausting as well.
I joined Attitude Holland on their trip to London Edge. I will write a long post on it soon, and post more photos but I’m just waiting until they posted it themselves (since it was an assignment for them).

But since it’s Wednesday again I figured I might do the Wishlist Wednesday London Edge style! Because nothing makes me more greedy then seeing all the new collections by my favourite brands.

Here are some of my favourite items, can’t wait until they are launched. Once they are I will add the links for you.

#1 Social Decay tanktop.

Social Decay tanktop
#2 KillStar beanies

Killstar Beanies
#3 Alchemy Gothic ring

Alchemy Gothic ring
#4 Disturbia Dress

Disturbia Dress
#5 Demonia Shoes

Demonia platform shoes


Any brands you are especially excited for? (my favourite is totally Killstar, so many perfect stuff!)

All the bats,

p.s. My necklaces are only for a sale for a couple more days! So hurry before they are gone forever.

Hey again!

Are you getting used to my Wishlist Wednesdays already? Time for a new one. I’ll be dying my hair purple tonight so I’m in a purple mood. It was quite hard to find pretty purple things! Aubergine and burgundy are less hard but I wanted some real purple. Anyways these were my favourite finds.

Oh and I’ll be dying my hair with Purple Rain from Arctic Fox! Attitude gave me one to try them out and I can’t wait to see the result. I bleached my hair a bit yesterday so I look like a carrot right now, hopefully it’s worth it!
I’ll post a review with before and after photos later.

#1 Dr. Martens Pascal – € 135,00 – click here.

dr martens

#2 Alchemy Gothic necklace – € 69,99 – click here. (the stones are a bit darker in real life)alchemy gothic necklace#3 Asymmetric skirt – € 18,00 – click here.

assymetric skirt

#4 Formidable nailpolish – € 10,00 – click here.

mac formidable nailpolish

#5 Witchy dark dress – € 61,00 – click here.

purple dress

Do you know where to get some beautiful purple items? Leave a link below!

All the bats,

Hi again,

it’s time for a new Wishlist Wednesday. No specific theme this time, just some amazing finds from the internet that I found this week and love to share with you! Would you like to see a wishlist in a special theme again? Let me know in a comment below. I would love to hear from you.

#1 Anatomy glass set – $ 19,99 – click here.

Anatomy glass set

#2 Restyle shades – € 17,99 – click here.

Restyle shades#3 BlackSails box, for keeping your awesome Restyle shades for example –  £ 20,00 – click here.

Blacksails box#4 Lace dress with lace up detail – € 30,00 – click here.

Lace up dress

#5 Supreme quartz crown, to give an extra witchy look to your black hat – $ 48,00 (sale) – click here.

Quartz crown

Hope you like these items, what’s your favourite?

All the bats,


Hey my lovely little batsies <3

Time for another wishlist Wednesday. I’m still in a very M’era Luna-ish mood so here are some amazing goth items for you. At their medieval market I saw this gorgeous ram skull with amazing horns, but I didn’t have enough money to buy it… I do regret it already. Hopefully I’ll find another one like it some day. I did buy a very cute bat pillow! I just had to have it and two shirts, one festivalshirt with a bat and an American Horror Story t-shirt, I will post photos of it on my instagram so make sure you follow me on there as well.

#1 – Anatomical Heart Vase – € 79,07 – click here.

Anatomical Heart Vase

#2 – Ceramic Bat Mug – € 26,04 – click here.
 (it’s for sale so you might want to hurry)

bat mug

#3 – Leather necklace – € 35,00 – click here.

leather necklace

#4 – Ram skull ring – € 29,99 – click here.

ram skull ring

#5 – Bat & Moon clock – € 26,88 – click here.

Moon and bat clock

I get a bit greedy from writing these weekly posts, I think I need an extra job, haha. But I hope you like them!

Do you know any other awesome bat or other gothic items/shops? I would love to see.

All the bats,

Hi again,

Time for another wishlist Wednesday! Yesterday I went to the Attitude Holland office and we were so busy preparing for M’era Luna that I didn’t even get the time to buy the accessories I wanted. But I guess I’ll just buy them at M’era Luna and feature one in this wishlist, haha.

On monday I went to Elysium, centre for wellness, with Busra. Which was extremely relaxing, but sadly enough it was very crowded with a lot of people that were complaining all the time. “Why isn’t their any airconditioning, it’s soo hot!” , girl you’re at a saunacomplex…
But they had some delicious body scrubs that made me long for more home wellness products.
So this week’s wishlist:

#1 – Restyle deer headband – € 21,99 – click here.


#2 – TruSelf organics face mask – $ 22,50 – click here.

#3 – Faiint slash dress – £ 65,00 – click here.
Best part about this dress? It’s handmade and she told me that you can choose on which side you want the sleeve. (tattooed people will understand, haha)

Faiint slash dress
#4 – Vampire bat bangle – $ 17,69 – click here.

silver bat bangle
#5 – Lush From Dusk Till Dawn massagebar – € 9,95 – click here.

From Dusk Till Dawn massagebar by Lush

Hope you like it again!
Any tips on cosmetics/soaps/scrubs? Would love to hear from you.

All the bats,