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I’ve already been back for a week now but here’s my Berlin blog! My brother and I went to Berlin for a week since one of our friends, who moved to Berlin a while back, went back to our hometown that week so we could stay in her appartement. So nice! I don’t think I would normally go for a full week if I had to stay in a small hotelroom all the time, but this was really convenient, it’s a lot better when you have your own kitchen! haha. Her appartment is located in Kreuzberg, very close to the Schlesisches Tor U-bahn station. But since apparently we had the worst timing ever(more on that later) the station was closed the entire week and we had to walk a bit further. No problem in the end because after a few days we discovered that the Warschauer Strasse station was within walking distance as well and across the street there was a really nice vegan supermarket and restaurant.

I think that might actually have been my favourite thing about this week, it was so much easier for me to get food everywhere. With my almost impossible diet I barely ever try to go out for dinner in the Netherlands but I had a lot of options in Berlin! And they actually seem to understand when you try to explain it instead of giving you some kind of judgemental look. And the food was really nice as well! I absolutely loved the beetroot falafel while I’m not a big fan of beetroot itself. We also found a small cafe that was located in an old apothecary, the interior and vibe was amazing, they served vervain tea (yay for magical things) and the service and food was soo damn good! It’s a sad thing we didn’t discover it earlier. It’s called ORA for those of you who are interested.

To get back at the worst timing… after eating at ORA we wanted to visit this cool twenties burlesque bar that was located very nearby but they just went on vacation the day before so they were closed. Too bad.
More bad timing? We went to the zoo, which was nice because I saw vampire bats, but apparently panda’s are coming and it’s a huge happening and half of the zoo was unavailable due to construction works. We also went to Sanssoucci park, which is amazing, like time travelling and never fails to amazes me even though I’ve been there before. They were renovating as well… and more of those things. And apparently it’s Berlin Fashion Week this week. Next time I’m going to check those things out before hand. Normally I would, but because of the appartement thing we didn’t really pick the dates ourself. Oh and the worst part? The Thursday! We went to the botanical gardens, bought our tickets, then it started raining like crazy and did not stop. We only saw the indoor plants but barely anything from the gardens because it took like 2 seconds to get soaked to the bone. Weather forecast did not say that was going to happen…

The weather wasn’t too nice the entire week but we spent a lot of time indoors anyway since Berlin has so many gorgeous museums. Of course the Helmut Newton foundation where I had to go again, this time they had a Mario Testino exhibition as well so I wasn’t allowing myself to skip that. Two of my favourite photographers ever in one museum, I probably could have lingered there the entire day. But we also went to some of the museums at the island and it was all really pretty. My favourite was probably the witch statue. (it was actually called witch but we only figured that out later on). We also spent some time shopping, obviously, but I think most of the time we were just eating anywhere or taking photos, haha. My brother also started photographing, not fashion, more into nature and streetphotography. So I could help him out a bit with lightroom and everything and we did a “photo scavenger hunt” to practice. I did not receive his photos yet but I was planning on putting the list here and put both of our photos together just to see a difference in how we view things, maybe I’ll add it later on because I think it might be interesting. Our styles are really different.

I do want to go back to Berlin though, and especially I want to do a photoshoot at Sanssouci one day, with victorian dresses and gorgeous models. I got the whole thing visualized already… But that’s it for now! I’m still quite tired and this probably isn’t the best blog post ever but I didn’t want to wait a lot longer with it as well. Tomorrow I will be shooting with Helena Lush and Bunny Glittergun again so keep up with my instagram to stay updated. ;)

Have you ever been to Berlin? What are your favourite spots?

All the bats,


  1. YAY! Zo leuk om te zien en te lezen hoe jullie week was! Prachtige foto’s en inderdaad moet ik weer eens naar The Bowl en ORA toe, zin in :)! Liefs!

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