Good evening batsies <3

It’s finally here… the result of the epic bath shoot with Helena Lush! I’m so happy with the results. It took a while because I was busy of course, but also because I was extremely struggling with the editing, soo much light! And I had to find a way to edit all the photos so it would match each look but it would still be a cohesive vampy but feminine series…
I think I found a good one in the end and I hope you guys like it as much as I do!

Doing a bath tub shoot is really strange though. It’s so different from regular fashion shoots, in every single aspect. The angles you can shoot from, the way the model has to pose, the lighting you can use, so I’m glad I shot this with Helena because it’s way less worse when you’re extremely awkward among friends!

The first set was shot with actual milk and we only later learned that Hex Bomb makes a white bath bomb as well, would have been a lot easier and less disgusting but well this is more classic…I’m glad I didn’t have to bath in it. For the red bath we’ve used the Bathory bomb by Hex Bomb. It really didn’t leave any staining at all! So if you’re one of the lucky persons owning a bath tub and you’re still in doubt whether to get a Hex Bomb or not… do so! They smell amazing, look wicked and you won’t have to worry about your tub. ;)

Enough talking… have a look and let me know which image is your fav! <3

All the bats,


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